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Latest Headlines

Few hospitals sign up for privatized Medicaid in Iowa

The state of Iowa has been transitioning its Medicaid to a privatized managed care program, but to date there have been few takers among hospitals.

CMS okays Medicaid money for housing

The Obama administration has signed off on the use of Medicaid funds to house enrollees, possibly creating a path that would not only bring down the homeless population but also cut down on hospital costs.

Medicaid hepatitis C patients more likely to be denied drug coverage

Almost half of hepatitis C patients whose doctors had prescribed antiviral drugs were denied coverage to the therapies by Medicaid because they weren't considered "a medical necessity" or because the patients tested positive for alcohol/drugs, according to a study by University of Pennsylvania researchers.

HHS to end provider agreement with Seattle hospital over 'multi-systemwide failures'

In the wake of an inspection that found "multi-systemwide failures" that created a major risk of patient harm, Seattle's Western State Hospital may lose millions in Medicare and Medicaid funding, according to the Associated Press.

Despite pushback, GOP-led states choose to keep Medicaid expansion

Despite backlash from Affordable Care Act opponents, many Republican-led states that expanded Medicaid are sticking with it, which in turn is causing turmoil within the GOP, according to the  Washington Post.  

John Oliver should unleash the Medicaid expansion zombies

John Oliver, the hilariously exasperated host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," specializes in long-take satirical reporting, prodded by his status as a British transplant often boggled by...

GAO: Errors plague Affordable Care Act eligibility decisions

​Eligibility decisions under the Affordable Care Act are plagued by errors, leading to duplicate coverage and likely overpayments by the government, according to new reports from the Government Accountability Office.

Report examines issues that led Massachusetts MCOs to lose $137M

Massachusetts Medicaid managed care organizations lost $137 million in 2014, according to  MassLive, and a newly released report from the state government helps explain why.  

Attorneys: New York providers must be ready for upcoming telemedicine coverage changes

Changes to New York's telemedicine coverage statute will take effect Jan. 1, 2016, and providers will need to be prepared for the law, attorneys write in a recent  Healthcare Law Today  article.

ACA drives increase in Medicaid spending

As a result of policy changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act, growth and spending in the Medicaid program has greatly increased, according to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.