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Latest Headlines

Payer apps: An epic fail

There is a startling, and greatly disappointing, research report out regarding healthcare insurance companies and mobile app development. In a simple summary, this how the report describes such efforts: Epic fail.

Complex healthcare bills give patients little leeway to negotiate

Patients no longer just face confusion over complicated hospital billing practices. In some cases, if they object to the charges, the bills may end up with collection agencies and later damage their credit,  the  New York Times   rep orted.

Healthcare credit cards wane with more insured patients

The era of healthcare-related credit card has waned since the Great Recession, accelerated in part by the likelihood of greater access to insurance starting next year, reported Fox Business.

Study: Nonurgent diagnoses aren't enough to deny reimbursement

Patients discharged from the ED with nonemergency diagnoses almost always have the same primary complaints as patients requiring emergency care or hospital admission, concludes a JAMA study published today.

Hospitals expand offerings with insurance plans

The line between provider and payer continues to blur, with more hospitals offering their own health insurance plans.

Diabetes costs high for children

It is hugely expensive to care for a child with diabetes, according to new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The annual average medical costs for a child with diabetes is

American Well pushes web-based telehealth to doctors

Making the leap beyond its largely payer audience thus far, telehealth vendor American Well just debuted its second-generation product, Online Care for Providers, aimed at physician practices. The

Uninsured Americans reach 52 million

The number of Americans who lacked health insurance for at least part of the year reached 52 million in 2010, report the Commonwealth Fund and Bloomberg News. That number is roughly 40 percent higher

HHS releases regulation on state-specific health reform waivers

The Obama Administration on Friday issued guidelines for states applying for "innovation waiver" that would allow them to opt out of some provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,

SPOTLIGHT: Federal judge rules reform unconstitutional

A federal judge in Florida has ruled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, likely setting the stage for an eventual hearing by the Supreme Court, reports the New York