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Latest Headlines

Doc offices: Get ready for digital insurance ID cards

Cell phone apps have begun to replace the stack of identification and affiliation cards patients used to keep on keychains and in wallets. Now health insurance companies have joined the fray by providing their customers with digital identification cards, sometimes to the dismay of doctor's offices set up to deal with physical cards, according to a article from  AAFP News.  

Physician satisfaction driver: Large, independent, doc-owned practices

Eighty-one percent of physicians who practice at large, independent, physician-owned primary care practices say they are satisfied with their medical careers, according to a recent  Annals of Family Medicine  study.

4 steps to take the healthcare continuum into the age of value-based care

Amid a transitional period for the healthcare industry, healthcare providers should "connect the dots" between a few key guiding principles to strengthen the care continuum, according to a new whitepaper from the American Hospital Association.

Primary care providers: HIT is a positive disruption

Primary-care providers' have mixed views when it comes to changes in healthcare delivery and payment, but many see health information technology as a positive disruption.

Geisinger's Nicholas Marko: Why health systems need chief data officers [Q&A]

While data and technology in healthcare have a synergistic relationship, by no means should they be considered the same thing, according to Geisinger Health System Chief Data Officer Nicholas Marko.

5 health IT terms every hospital CEO must know

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly technology-focused, leaders without a background in tech may find it overwhelming. That's why it's essential they understand several key terms and concepts, according to Managed Healthcare Executive.

Providers look to physician leadership, IT to boost patient experience

As patient experience officers become an increasingly important part of hospital operations, healthcare organizations also have started to give physician leaders and health information technology bigger roles in the process, according to a survey of chief experience officers from Experience Innovation Network.

Paperwork overload may drive patients away from providers

Few patients or providers will admit they enjoy all the paperwork involved in healthcare, but according to a new survey, this overabundance of red tape may even cause patients to skip the hospital or doctor's office entirely.

Med schools embrace innovation to help students learn new tech

As the healthcare workforce grapples with using new technologies proliferating the market, medical schools are taking steps to make sure those entering the industry are prepared for new innovation.

Disaster plans are a moving target: 4 areas to update

As of this morning, the snow in Boston has stopped, the travel ban has been lifted and the kids have another full day off from school. With snow totals of up to two-and-a-half feet, Blizzard 2015...