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Latest Headlines

Hospital construction continues to boom

Revista, the Maryland-based healthcare real estate research firm, reports that there are currently hospital construction projects underway valued at $97 billion.

Single patient ICU rooms cost more, but rate of return far higher

Building single-patient rooms in intensive care units is a costly endeavor, but it more than makes up its steep pricetag by preventing hospital-acquired infections, a new study has concluded.

ACA fuels construction boom

Hospital construction  has been in a boom mode for some years now, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is apparently prompting even smaller players to get into the action,  Crain's Chicago Business   r eports.

Use of prefabrication shaved a year and millions off hospital's construction cost

The use of prefabricated materials on a Denver hospital shaved months and millions off the construction cost, the Denver Post r eported.

Hospital construction--and costs--booming

Current and potential cost overruns on a replacement hospital in New York and ongoing VA hospital projects underscore the cost of building such facilities. 

Hospital construction booming across the country

If you build it, they will come. At least that's what it looks like given the amount of construction projects on tap at hospitals across the country.

Florida health system tackles expansion challenges to meet growing demand

One Florida health system faces a challenge, albeit a positive one considering the financial strain many other hospitals are feeling around the nation--how to deal with a growth spurt.

Medicaid debt isn't stopping Maine hospital construction

Hospitals in Bangor, Augusta and Portland found the capital and loans for major construction projects even though they're owed $484 million in overdue Medicaid payments from the past four years.

As Parkland built up reserves, patient care suffered

Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas was so singularly focused on building a new facility and maintaining cash reserves that it neglected the safety of its patients being treated in its existing facility.

Hospital construction booming

Despite the sluggish economy and uncertainly surrounding health reform, healthcare construction projects are booming, as large health systems and regional hospitals continue to make multi-million-dollar capital investments.