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How the US can prepare healthcare systems for the aging population

Fears of the potential costs of reform may be holding back developed countries' efforts to prepare for the onslaught of aging patients, says the head of an international group examining the impact of an aging population on global health systems.

Trump healthcare platform includes complete price transparency

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's short-on-specifics healthcare plan does contain one concrete element that has so far been elusive in the sector: Price transparency for patients.

Partnerships with harm reduction centers cut hospital readmissions

Harm reduction centers that distribute needles and condoms in at-risk communities can help hospitals deliver person-centered care to vulnerable patient populations and ultimately reduce readmissions, according to a new report.

Healthcare reform, rising costs: A conversation with Paul Keckley about America's 'Bitter Pill'

Journalist Steven Brill has been making the rounds promoting his new book, "America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System."...

5 things I'm thankful for--but could still be better

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, there are lots of changes going on in the healthcare arena that I'm thankful for. Since this is not a perfect world, things can be better....

OIG: New audits will focus on managed care, Medicare Advantage plans

While the government will continue pursuing allegations of fraud, waste and abuse by doctors, hospitals and suppliers in fiscal 2015, the Office of Inspector General's latest workplan turns an investigative eye on Medicare Advantage and plans sold pursuant to the Affordable Care Act, the Center for Public Integrity reported.

Reporter's Notebook: Boston healthcare forum tackles Affordable Care Act, product innovation

The Economist's  Health Care Forum 2014 conference in Boston brought together healthcare leaders to discuss hot button topics, such as price transparency and the future of healthcare. And though they didn't resolve the big issues, some of the topics--such as whether the Affordable Care Act is a success or a failure--generated lively debate.

Price transparency: A first step toward true healthcare reform

The growing movement to reveal prices for hospital procedures is just one piece of the healthcare reform puzzle, according to leading experts who spoke Wednesday at  The Economists'  Heal th Care Forum 2014  in Boston.

Hospital finance execs have to change their perspective

The Affordable Care Act will change the responsibilities and the expectations of financial management executives in the coming years and decades,  Hospitals & Health Networks  report ed.

How sharing ministries steer members away from actual health insurance

"I hope they don't take anything away from us." Those were the words of a Baptist minister from Georgia named Daniel, uttered in my living room about five years ago as the Affordable...