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Latest Headlines

Preparation for health reform's changes will dominate conversation in Vegas

Vegas, baby! Hopefully you got the memo; with Nashville still wringing out from a historic flood, the beleaguered event planners at the Healthcare Financial Management Association had to scramble for

GOP hoping to keep debate on health reform law in the spotlight

Republican leaders hoping to eventually repeal the healthcare reform law are finding the situation a tough row to hoe of late, thanks in no small part to continued coverage of the BP oil spill.

Direct-pay primary care offers a twist on concierge-- for the uninsured

Retainer medicine doesn't have to be just for the "haves," as some policy analysts decry. According to Michael Fine, MD, managing director of HealthAccessRI, which helps primary-care practices in

Will health reform move more medical care online?

Last month over at FierceHealthcare, we reported on a study revealing that 90 percent of parents surveyed would welcome email access to their child's doctor. Picture me, a mom of two tough-to-wrangle

More coverage for less cost not 'politically feasible', health reform study indicates

Options existed for health reform that could have either lowered federal spending by $20 billion per year without decreasing the number of newly insured citizens or increased coverage to 4 million

Judge denies federal government more time to respond to health reform challenge

No more time will be granted to the federal government to respond to the 20-state health reform challenge initially filed in March, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson noted in a Tallahassee, Fla.,

Learn how to survive on Medicaid rates for PPACA

To flourish under health reform, hospitals will "need to learn to operate on Medicaid rates." That piece of advice for dealing with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) comes from a

How to prepare for influx of newly insured patients

While many of the legislative changes affecting healthcare often take some time to trickle down to physician practices, many implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act matter to

Are independent medical practices an endangered species?

Throughout the years, healthcare experts have speculated that one day all private medical offices would evolve to become 100-plus-provider megapractices, or that all the solo docs would get snapped

High-risk insurance pools could cost more than $5 billion, report says

The $5 billion set aside by the health reform law to fund high-risk coverage pools throughout the U.S., until 2014 may not be enough if calculations by made by the National Institute for Health Care