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Latest Headlines

3 questions docs must ask before adding NPPs

In line with predictions, physician practices use more nonphysician practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, according to a new report from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Build in cost discussion to manage high deductibles

Many patients newly insured under the Affordable Care Act carry policies with high deductibles, which brings upfront collections and price transparency issues center stage.

ACA burdens mount for practices

Although practices handled the relatively low volume of newly insured health-exchange patients smoothly at first, some offices struggle to keep up with verifying new enrollees' coverage, according to  Kaiser Health News.

Physicians don't regret selling practices

Challenges related to the Affordable Care Act pushed nearly one-third of physicians who sold their practices within the past three years to sell, according to a national survey from staffing firm Jackson Healthcare. The findings support previous research predicting physicians' 'silent exodus' amid health reform.

Expect more ACA legislation coming down the pike

Although it's been four years since the Affordable Care Act became law, the Obama administration still has to release several major reform provisions, including details on essential health benefits and the employer mandate, that have been delayed.

Practices must innovate to keep wait times under control

Just as wait times to get a doctor's appointment begin improving, some experts say access may reach an all-time low as patients newly insured under the Affordable Care Act seek treatment, according to research from physician search firm Merritt Hawkins.

Early days of ACA easier than feared

Despite physicians' concerns that their offices would become overwhelmed with questions and confusion about the official rollout of the Affordable Care Act this week, the volume of newly insured patients seeking appointments has so far been modest, Reuters reported.

2013 in review: Quality, costs still matter

Last year, accountable care organizations easily won the distinction of most popular FierceHealthPayer topic in 2012. Only two stories about health insurance exchanges made an appearance on that most-read list. What a difference a year makes. In 2013, all eyes were squarely on healthcare reform and health insurance exchanges.

2014 challenge: Coping with the reality of change

Unlike past years when physicians' concerns focused mostly on scenarios that might occur in an evolving U.S. health system, 2014 will call for doctors to address the new realities of practicing...

Medicaid expansion, patient influx to worsen doctor shortage

The increase in Medicaid patients under the Affordable Care Act will exacerbate the looming doctor shortage, with many current practitioners unable to take on any more patients covered by the program, according to the  New York Times.