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Latest Headlines

Insurers find loopholes around covering contraceptives

Some insurers are using  federal regulations to their advantage to exclude generic versions of contraception from free coverage.

Will insurers take a bath on risk corridors?

Risk corridors, intended to protect health carriers from potential losses as the program got off the ground, primarily from the adverse selection of new enrollees, may not shield insurers as originally intended, according to Scott Gottlieb, M.D., a conservative writer and ACA critic.

High deductibles may push patients to put off care

The rising out-of-pocket costs for health insurance force millions of middle-class Americans to forego checkups and other needed medical care, acc ording to  USA Today.

Healthcare spending may reach $10K per person this year

The year 2015 may be the year where healthcare spending in the United States reaches a specific milestone: $10,000 per person.

Patients willing to share health data, but only for a good reason

Patients are becoming more willing to share their health information publicly, but there is one caveat: It has to be for a good reason.

AHIP's Karen Ignagni stresses benefits of health plan-provider partnerships

Providers, health plans and consumers must work together for an affordable and sustainable healthcare system,  America's Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni told attendees at the National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health in the District of Columbia this week.

3 ways health IT startups can stand out

Healthcare IT is a booming industry for startups, with $5 billion invested into digital health this year alone. But with so many companies entering into health IT, startups have to find ways to stand out from the rest. New companies will have to find unique technologies and unique ideas to make an impact, according to an article at  CIO.com

Survey: Firms shift ACA costs to employees

Employees of Fortune 500 companies can expect to pay more for health insurance as their employers try to manage the costs of complying with the Affordable Care Act, a survey by the University of South Carolina found.

HIX premiums to remain steady for 2015, study finds

Health insurance premiums for health plans participating in the Affordable Care Act exchanges over its first year have remained fairly steady, according to a Kaiser analysis of 2015 premium changes.

Pharmacy group comes down on health plans

To provide for a smooth transition from coverage to care at the start of the 2015 plan year, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores urged the federal government to require that health plans provide nightly updates to patient eligibility files. This is just one of many actions the group wants health plans to take to help beneficiaries during the upcoming enrollment process.