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Latest Headlines

Preventive care coverage causing confusion for physicians, insurers

Say you have a patient who comes in for a colonoscopy screening--one of several preventive services now available to patients without cost-sharing--which results in the prompt removal of a polyp or

SPOTLIGHT: Exemptions allow insurers to offer less generous benefits

Insurers in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee can continue offering less generous benefits than they would otherwise be required to provide this year, reports the New York Times. The Obama

Never fear, employer-based insurance will still be here

This is a forecast insurers will be happy to see--traditional employer-based insurance will remain a significant market that will erode more slowly and less steeply than commonly thought. That's what

Weigh pros and cons of ending insurance contracts

The notion of dropping one or more insurance contracts is rich with pros as well as cons for physicians. On the plus side, out-of-network reimbursements generally are higher than contract-negotiated

Healthcare compensation to rise in 2011

Employees in the healthcare industry may expect a pay increase of 2.6 percent during 2011, up from 2010 levels but actually lower than forecasts for all industries, according to a new survey by the

Medicaid offers insurers $40B of new opportunities

Medicaid is becoming a growth area for health insurers, which are now preparing to capitalize on $40 billion of new opportunities to run privately-managed Medicaid plans for states. In 2014, the

How to handle the transition to fully covered preventive care

While many parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed in March, won't take effect until 2013 or so, the new preventive health requirements begin to kick in for some

California plans fined $4.85M for inaccurate provider payments

The California Department of Managed Health Care levied fines totaling $4.85 million against seven health plans for failure to pay claims to hospitals and physicians accurately. The fines, which

Physicians say preauthorizations harm patient care

It's no secret that physicians are frequently frustrated by insurers' preauthorization requirements, but a new American Medical Association survey of about 2,400 physicians quantifies their opinions

HHS cuts premiums for pre-existing conditions

Disappointed by enrollment in its stopgap health plans for patients with pre-existing conditions, the federal government is taking the almost unheard-of step of slashing premiums for such coverage,