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Latest Headlines

CMS doles out $360 to test innovative care models

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced its second batch of recipients in round two of the Health Care Innovation Awards program, bringing the total to $360 million handed out for organizations to test innovative care models. The 39 prospective recipients will receive grants worth between $2 million and $23.8 million over a three-year period, according to an announcement. 

EHR interoperability: Fix the potholes or find a new path?

The lack of interoperability among electronic health records, no doubt, is a major impediment to improved healthcare and lower costs. But now we have a much more granular understanding of why the industry is having so much trouble achieving it.

Feds, states successfully pilot exchange of behavioral health data

Patient behavioral health data has been successfully exchanged across state lines, opening the door to further interoperability of such data, according to a new report released by ONC.

The vision of HIE: 'Knowledge is power'

Health Information exchanges have encountered a few road bumps, but the industry is making progress in using HIE to "harness" information and communication to improve patient care, accosting to Robyn Rontal, MHSA, JD, Director of HCV Data Analytics for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

It's time for HHS to revisit its HIE strategy

You've got to hand it to the Government Accountability Office. This independent, nonpartisan organization, charged with investigating how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars, does not...

Satisfaction of HIE vendors dips

Satisfaction with health information exchange solutions has dropped an average of 8 percent since last year, as provider demands have outpaced vendor delivery, according to a new report from Orem, Utah-based KLAS Research.

Jails increasingly adopting health IT to treat inmates

Electronic health record use can be expanded to help jails reduce the costs of providing care and improve health outcomes, according to new research published in the March issue of  Health Affairs.

Monday morning interoperability quarterbacking: Better late than never

With the NFL's championship game a little more than a week away, there is much speculation about the Denver/Seattle match up--and there will be the inevitable Monday morning quarterbacking long after the game ends. Many people disparage Monday morning quarterbacking. It's always easier to review a decision after it's been tested and played out. But sometimes, Monday morning quarterbacking serves a useful purpose, because it causes people to reassess a decision or judgment call. Even if it's too late to save yesterday's game, it may help tomorrow's. That's what we're seeing with electronic health record interoperability.

ONC releases new HIE governance tools

In its continuing efforts to support health information exchange, the Office of the National Coordinator has published new resources to help stakeholders and others understand the topic.

Providers not in MU program still influenced by federal requirements

The Meaningful Use incentive program affects even providers who are not part of the program, albeit in an indirect way, an interview published this week in  EHR Intelligence  shows.