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Latest Headlines

Blue Shield of California reveals executive pay

After several years of questions about executive pay coupled with criticism surrounding the insurer's transparency, Blue Shield of California has issued a detailed report of its top 10 executive salaries in 2015.  

Health insurance CEO pay at 'big five' tops out at $17.3M in 2015

Last year was a pivotal one for the country's five largest health insurers, as months of negotiation culminated in the Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna mega-mergers. It also was a good year to be an executive at the "big five" payers, as total compensation rose for 4 out of 5 CEOs.  

What's really behind Humana's outcomes-linked bonuses

Humana's move to tie executive compensation to members' health outcomes may actually help protect its leaders' bonuses amid less-predictable profits, according to the  International Business Times.  

Exec pay raises eyebrows after Maine CO-OP's financial downswing

Salary increases for two senior executives who oversaw the implementation of Maine's once-burgeoning consumer operated and oriented plan are being scrutinized after the plan lost millions last year, leading to administrative cuts and premium hikes, according to the  Portland Press Herald.  

Humana bases executive pay on member health outcome measures

Amid the industry's shift to performance-based provider payments, one health insurer is taking the trend a step further by tying executive bonuses to members' health outcomes.  

BCBS of North Carolina posts slight profit in 2015

Though its losses in the individual market grew, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina rebounded from a multimillion-dollar loss in 2014 by posting a small profit in 2015, the insurer announced.  

Amid criticism, Blue Shield CEO promises accountability

CEO Paul Markovich has pledged to improve Blue Shield of California's service to members and disclose more about its executives' compensation as the insurer faces continued scrutiny from both consumer advocates and the state, the  Los Angeles Times  reports.

Execs well-paid even as CO-OPs struggle

Though consumer operated and oriented health plans around the country have struggled and even folded, some of their leaders appear to have been well-compensated.

Hospital CFOs need more data on labor costs

​Hospital chief financial officers must focus on labor cost--both from staff and executives--and ask relevant questions in order to keep costs under control, according to an opinion piece in  Healthcare Finance News.

It may be time to revamp how insurers pay their CEOs

When WellPoint named Joseph Swedish its new CEO back in 2013, the insurer announced  Swedish's salary right off the bat--$1.25 million in salary and as much as $3.75 million in bonuses.