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Latest Headlines

Amid criticism, Blue Shield CEO promises accountability

CEO Paul Markovich has pledged to improve Blue Shield of California's service to members and disclose more about its executives' compensation as the insurer faces continued scrutiny from both consumer advocates and the state, the  Los Angeles Times  reports.

Execs well-paid even as CO-OPs struggle

Though consumer operated and oriented health plans around the country have struggled and even folded, some of their leaders appear to have been well-compensated.

Hospital CFOs need more data on labor costs

​Hospital chief financial officers must focus on labor cost--both from staff and executives--and ask relevant questions in order to keep costs under control, according to an opinion piece in  Healthcare Finance News.

It may be time to revamp how insurers pay their CEOs

When WellPoint named Joseph Swedish its new CEO back in 2013, the insurer announced  Swedish's salary right off the bat--$1.25 million in salary and as much as $3.75 million in bonuses.

Insurers socked with $72M in extra taxes under healthcare reform

The 10 largest publicly traded insurers paid their top executives a combined $300 million in compensation last year. But because of a little-discussed provision in the Affordable Care Act, they also had to pay $72 million more than the year before in taxes, amounting to an additional $1.3 million in taxes per executive, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies.

High CEO pay based on performance, not greed, say defenders

Despite the mounting backlash against increasing healthcare CEO pay, attributing it merely to greed is an oversimplification, according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Union drops CA initiatives to cap hospital CEO pay, limit patient charges

The Service Employees International–United Healthcare Workers West labor union officially shelved two ballot initiatives it sponsored to limit what not-for-profit hospitals in California could charge patients and pay their executives, the Los Angeles Times  reported.

Executive pay at BCBSNC topped $1M

Six top executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina earned at least $1 million last year, with its CEO taking home the biggest payout. In a filing with the Department of Insurance, BCBSNC disclosed that executive compensation for its top 10 execs increased by almost 11 percent last year.

HCA CEO compensation totals $48M

Executive compensation is once again making its way in the spotlight with reports that Hospital Corporation of America CEO Richard Bracken received $48 million in pay and stock gains last year.

Nonprofit hospitals defend high CEO pay

Board members at two California hospitals recently defended paying their top executives annual salaries of roughly $800,000 each.