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Latest Headlines

Cigna CEO pay more than quadrupled

Cigna CEO David Cordani received a drastic increase in total compensation over the course of one year. His pay last year rose 4.5 times the amount he earned in 2012, the Hartford Courant reported.

Executive pay at BCBSNC topped $1M

Six top executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina earned at least $1 million last year, with its CEO taking home the biggest payout. In a filing with the Department of Insurance, BCBSNC disclosed that executive compensation for its top 10 execs increased by almost 11 percent last year.

OIG to examine hospital executive pay caps

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' watchdog arm intends to study whether caps on the compensation of hospital executives could have an impact on future costs to the Medicare program.

Dallas hospital proposes $5.4M executive incentive pay

A Dallas hospital wants to restore incentive pay for almost 60 executives by adding about $5.4 million in potential pay next year, the  Dallas Morning News  reported

4 nonprofit hospital trends to watch this year

In the wake of sweeping healthcare reform and shifting priorities throughout the industry, nonprofit hospitals can expect to see new trends in 2014, according to the  Nonprofit Quarterly.

Hospital CEO to refund charitable contribution reimbursements

Fremont, Calif.-based Washington Hospital Healthcare System reimbursed its CEO for more than $20,000 in charitable contributions over the past three years, the  San Jose Mercury News  reported, including at least $11,000 to the Washington Hospital Healthcare Foundation.

CEO payouts at 8 largest health insurers

By Dina Overland The chief executive officers of health insurers are leading their companies through the rough transition into the post-reform market. Some are taking cautious approaches to health...

Boston hospital CEOs: $1M a year is commonplace

The chief executive officers of Boston's largest not-for-profit teaching hospitals all received seven-figure compensation packages during 2011, the  Boston Globe  reported.

Hospital exec bonuses reward volume over value

If money talks in the world of executive compensation, then nonprofit hospitals aren't putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to rewarding healthcare transformation over volume, according to a new report by Kaiser Health News and ABC News.

HCA CEO compensation totals $48M

Executive compensation is once again making its way in the spotlight with reports that Hospital Corporation of America CEO Richard Bracken received $48 million in pay and stock gains last year.