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Latest Headlines

Toby Cosgrove reveals the secret to Cleveland Clinic's care delivery transformation

Despite its challenges with hand-hygiene compliance and doctor-patient communication, Cleveland Clinic has had tremendous success with accountable care and improving patient safety and care access, according to CEO Toby Cosgrove, M.D., who spoke Friday at the sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.

Shared savings: The key to patient-centered medical home success?

Patient-centered medical homes may have the most success in their mission to improve care quality and lower hospital utilization when they offer financial incentives for participants in the form of shared savings, a new study suggests.

New programs help ERs flag, discourage painkiller abuse

Many hospital emergency departments have cracked down on prescription narcotic addicts with programs that flag potential abusers and deny them medication except in emergencies,  NPR  reports.

ER revisits costly, occur more frequently than thought

Even as the healthcare industry strives to curb emergency department visits and hospital readmissions, a new study suggests that ED revisit rates are twice as high as previously reported and often more costly than an initial ED visit.

How ERs can improve their relationship with police

Emergency departments deal frequently with high-risk patients and victims of violence, and as a result they often face heightened security concerns. Therefore, it's imperative that they strive to cooperate with the police without compromising patient privacy, according to a recent paper published in the  Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine.

How first responders can keep patients out of the ER

As hospitals look for ways to stem emergency department overuse in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes, their efforts are increasingly getting a boost from an unlikely source--first responders.

Hospitals improve access to mental healthcare services

After years of funding cuts to the nation's mental health infrastructure, hospital emergency departments are often left to care for mentally ill or addicted patients, who represent nearly 4 percent of all ED visits. Now, many providers strive to improve their behavioral healthcare options, according to  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Hospital violence: Why ERs are most vulnerable

As an uptick in violent incidents in healthcare facilities spawns a range of emergency preparedness plans, hospitals looking to tighten security must recognize that emergency departments are especially vulnerable, security experts said in a  Healthcare Finance News article.

ER overuse: Have Seattle healthcare organizations found the solution?

Where government-led reform appears to have failed, a partnership between two healthcare organizations in Seattle may have solved the stubborn problem of rising emergency department use, according to a  New York Times  opinion piece.

When a hospital re-opens, how will it affect patients and providers?

Amid new research on how hospital closures affect patient outcomes, the Los Angeles area is about to provide a case study for the next step in that process--when a once-closed hospital reopens in a drastically changed healthcare environment.