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Latest Headlines

Maryland nonprofit, health clinic team up to tackle unnecessary care

A Maryland nonprofit and a Baltimore federally-qualified health center have launched a joint effort to coordinate primary care services and reduce unnecessary hospital use.

ER drug shortages for life-saving medications on the rise

Drug shortages in hospital emergency departments have worsened, increasing more than 400 percent since 2008, according to a study published in Academic Emergency Medicine.

Interdepartmental cooperation key to lowering sepsis mortality rates

Early detection of sepsis can improve patient outcomes and lower costs associated with the deadly condition, but this requires a concerted effort from all hospital departments, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Vice President Andrea Kabcenell, R.N., said in an interview with Hospitals & Health Networks.  

Racial discrepancies persist in pain treatment in the ER

U.S. emergency departments may address pain management differently based on patients' race, according to a study published in Medical Care.

How to not hate holiday hospital work

Health urgencies and emergencies do not take time off over the holidays--a reality that can be difficult for healthcare workers trying to balance professional obligations and time with their families.

Presence of medical students doesn't slow down ER operations

The presence of medical students in a hospital's emergency department does not significantly slow the pace of operations, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.    

ER overcrowding: Busiest departments don't adopt effective strategies

Emergency department overcrowding remains a major problem throughout the country, but a new study finds that hospitals with the busiest emergency rooms haven't adopted proven interventions that could alleviate the stress.

How dementia drives ER visits, admissions and mortality rates

Elderly adults with dementia are more likely to visit the emergency department, be admitted to the hospital and die following a visit, according to a study from the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.

Unnecessary opioid alerts 'overwhelm' emergency department

An electronic health record's clinical decision support tool in a hospital's emergency department issued so many unnecessary and clinically inconsequential alerts relating to opioids that providers found them "overwhelming" and contributing to alert fatigue, according to a new study in the  Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Many ERs don't give sexually assaulted teens recommended treatment

Children's hospital emergency departments often fall short in their treatment of teenage sexual assault victims, according to a study published in Pediatrics.