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Latest Headlines

ER visits on the rise due to Medicaid expansion

Emergency room visits are on the rise in states that expanded Medicaid, according to a nationwide study conducted by the Colorado Hospital Association. But ER visits drop among young adults who now have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  

Anxiety, provider mistrust send patients back to ER

Emergency department patients who return within a few days of discharge are usually anxious about their symptoms and lack trust in their care, according to a new study published in the  Annals of Emergency Medicine.

More research, standardization needed to prevent ER infections

A lack of both standardization and studies on emergency department practices complicates comparing research on infection control, according to a literature review published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

Urgent care centers compete with EDs for patients

Urgent care centers are drawing patients away from hospitals In Texas, where patients are increasingly opting for the centers for alergy treatments, stitches or x-rays of broken bones as a cheaper, speedier alternative to emergency departments.

How futile care hurts other ICU patients

Care that has no benefit for patients beyond prolonging their lives, also known as futile care, also diverts resources away from other patients who could otherwise survive or recover, according to a study published in Critical Care Medicine.

MACPAC: Medicaid enrollees do not overuse the ER

The Medicaid population uses hospital emergency departments at a higher rate than patients with other forms of insurance, but for the most part such visits are necessary, according to a new report from the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Advisory Commission.

Standalone emergency rooms grow, but face backlash

As free-standing emergency rooms grow in number, they face a potential backlash over their high prices and allegations of fraud, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Hospitals engage patients to reduce non-emergency ED use

A new program piloted by a Baltimore hospital and a Maryland healthcare access non-profit aims to reduce emergency department use among patients with non-urgent or chronic conditions, according to Sinai Hospital.

Nearby ED closures increase risk of inpatient death

Patients admitted to hospital emergency departments (EDs) are at greater risk of death if another community ED recently closed, according to a study published in Health Affairs.

Busiest emergency departments have lowest mortality rates

Patients are less likely to die in a hospital if they are admitted through a high-volume emergency department, according to a new study published in  Annals of Emergency Medicine.