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Latest Headlines

How first responders can keep patients out of the ER

As hospitals look for ways to stem emergency department overuse in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes, their efforts are increasingly getting a boost from an unlikely source--first responders.

Hospitals improve access to mental healthcare services

After years of funding cuts to the nation's mental health infrastructure, hospital emergency departments are often left to care for mentally ill or addicted patients, who represent nearly 4 percent of all ED visits. Now, many providers strive to improve their behavioral healthcare options, according to  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Hospital violence: Why ERs are most vulnerable

As an uptick in violent incidents in healthcare facilities spawns a range of emergency preparedness plans, hospitals looking to tighten security must recognize that emergency departments are especially vulnerable, security experts said in a  Healthcare Finance News article.

ER overuse: Have Seattle healthcare organizations found the solution?

Where government-led reform appears to have failed, a partnership between two healthcare organizations in Seattle may have solved the stubborn problem of rising emergency department use, according to a  New York Times  opinion piece.

When a hospital re-opens, how will it affect patients and providers?

Amid new research on how hospital closures affect patient outcomes, the Los Angeles area is about to provide a case study for the next step in that process--when a once-closed hospital reopens in a drastically changed healthcare environment.

Emergency room patient volume on the rise post-ACA

​In stark contrast to the healthcare industry's increasing efforts to curb emergency department overuse, the American College of Emergency Physicians says new research proves how much Americans value their access to emergency care, even though they often face steep barriers to access.

Hospital system looks to improve outcomes with collaboration, ER redesign

A Michigan hospital system is taking both its emergency department and its care coordination strategies back to square one. Leaders at Grand Haven's 81-bed North Ottawa Community Health System are revamping ED services based on the sheer amount of patients who would be better served elsewhere. 

How retail clinics can bridge healthcare gaps

Retail clinics could play a vital role in addressing sociodemographic aspects of healthcare, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Another reason to use Twitter: Tweets can predict emergency room visits

Twitter users who post personal health-related information online may help hospitals predict how many emergency room visits they can expect on a given day, according to new research from the University of Arizona.

Emergency departments make big improvements in pediatric care

Almost half of emergency departments now are staffed with pediatric emergency coordinators to ensure they are equipped to treat children, according to a new study in the  Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics.