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Latest Headlines

How dementia drives ER visits, admissions and mortality rates

Elderly adults with dementia are more likely to visit the emergency department, be admitted to the hospital and die following a visit, according to a study from the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.

Unnecessary opioid alerts 'overwhelm' emergency department

An electronic health record's clinical decision support tool in a hospital's emergency department issued so many unnecessary and clinically inconsequential alerts relating to opioids that providers found them "overwhelming" and contributing to alert fatigue, according to a new study in the  Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Many ERs don't give sexually assaulted teens recommended treatment

Children's hospital emergency departments often fall short in their treatment of teenage sexual assault victims, according to a study published in Pediatrics.

ERs on the critical list: Wait times get longer across the country

Emergency room wait times are on the rise throughout the United States in part due to more patients obtaining insurance under the Affordable Care Act and hospitals are pulling out all the stops to manage and treat patients sooner.

Eight in 10 ER docs say mental health treatment resources 'inadequate'

More than 8 in 10 emergency physicians say their community's resources for mental healthcare are inadequate, a new survey from the American College of Emergency Physicians found.

Wisconsin hospital uses social workers to reduce ER 'frequent fliers'

A pilot project at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Aurora Sinai Medical Center seeks to divert emergency room "super-users" through the use of social workers,  National Public Radio  reports. Over the first four months of the program, ER visits among participants dropped by 68 percent and costs dropped from $1.5 million to $440,000.

How Sacramento's busiest ER cut wait times to half the national average

One of California's busiest emergency departments has cut wait times by hours and to far below the national average thanks to "lean" methodology, according to  Healthcare Informatics.

Emergency room-ICU collaboration key to better sepsis outcomes

Lowering the threshold for admitting sepsis patients to the ICU from the emergency department lowers mortality, lengths of ICU stays and transfers from intermediate care to intensive care, according to new research.

Hospitals aim to cut admissions for fainting spells

Fainting sends up to four million people to the emergency room per year, a major concern within the healthcare industry, especially as the population ages. Hospitals and other stakeholders are working to identify fainting causes and cases serious enough to require hospitalization, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

How to improve patient satisfaction in the ER [Interview]

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare, Sheridan Healthcare's Catherine Polera, M.D. talks about the organization's strategy to help ER doctors understand the importance of patient satisfaction and improving the patient experience.