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Latest Headlines

Busiest emergency departments have lowest mortality rates

Patients are less likely to die in a hospital if they are admitted through a high-volume emergency department, according to a new study published in  Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Nurses, emergency department workers often targets of violence

Violence against front-line hospital workers is a growing problem across the country and the globe, specifically against nurses and emergency department workers.  The number of  vio lent incidents  involving hospital workers jumped 37 percent in the past three years, according to a recent  su rvey  by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety.

Online appointments gain favor as ED wait times soar

An increasing number of hospitals allow patients to make online appointments to visit the emergency room in an attempt to ease seemingly interminable waits as ERs become more crowded.

3 top healthcare issues as explained by your favorite TV characters

By Zack Budryk We watch our favorite shows for a variety of reasons, but often to get away from it all for an hour in the evening. Unfortunately, for healthcare leaders, major issues in the industry...

Study: Online ED learning resources must clearly demonstrate value

Emergency department professionals were skeptical of efforts to use technology to enhance interprofessional education, according to a recent study.

EHR tool helps to reduce ED imaging overuse

​Electronic health records may be used to capture a broad range of information--including clinical notes, lab test results, diagnostic studies, and demographic data--but according to a recent study in the  Journal of the American College of Radiology, much of this data can be difficult to review and access efficiently.

Care coordination, targeting chronic conditions key to reducing ED super-users

As hospitals across the country work to reduce costs from emergency department "frequent flyers," some Florida hospitals tackle the problem by coordinating care and targeting patients with chronic conditions, the  Daytona Beach News-Journal  reported.

Medication errors drop thanks to pharmacists in the emergency department

Medication errors contribute to more than 7,000 deaths a year nationwide but one hospital has found a way to reduce those mistakes: it added pharmacists to the emergency department staff,  NPR  reports.

5 customer service lessons to boost patient satisfaction

A nurse-driven, investigative approach to customer service helped nurses at Grady Memorial Hospital's emergency department boost patient satisfaction and improve interdepartmental communication, according to Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses

Emergency department visits increase since ACA implementation

Emergency department use is up since the beginning of the year when expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act took effect, according to a new survey from the American College of Emergency Physicians.