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Latest Headlines

Patient-centered data opens door for more individualized care, research

More than ever, patients are having a say in their healthcare--and their input will be an important part of big data collection to create a more "unified story of health and healthcare," according to an article in July's  Health Affairs.

Michigan merger creates HIE to serve more than 5 million patients

While New York and Illinois may boast some of the nation's largest health information exchanges, Michigan now is not too far behind.

IT-based surveillance tools may improve quality of outpatient care

As patient interactions outside healthcare facilities grow, new technology-based surveillance tools are being used to target gaps in care.

EHR tool helps to reduce ED imaging overuse

​Electronic health records may be used to capture a broad range of information--including clinical notes, lab test results, diagnostic studies, and demographic data--but according to a recent study in the  Journal of the American College of Radiology, much of this data can be difficult to review and access efficiently.

Patient-centered care new focus in UConn's new facility

Hospital leaders at UConn Health Center hope a new facility will help bring patients a more integrated, one-stop, patient-centered experience, and give the center a more competitive boost after many years of financial struggle, according to the  Hartford Business Journal.

Big data mashups hold research potential, practical challenges for healthcare industry

Other industries have been far more successful than healthcare in mashing together big datasets to learn more about their customers. The prospect raises myriad possibilities, according to a Viewpoint article in  JAMA.

Community health centers making HIT progress

Community health centers have adopted health IT at rates higher than office-based physicians, including large practices and large integrated healthcare systems, according to a survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

EHRs and radiology: Despite progress, work remains

Research published this month in  Health Affairs  demonstrates the value that the implementation of electronic health records can bring to patient care when it comes to the radiological practice. 

Industry leader disappointed IPPS proposed rule doesn't address two-midnight rule

An industry leader expressed disappointment that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' proposed Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) rule for 2015 provides no changes to the controversial two-midnight rule.

Functionality vital to success of health IT, Cleveland Clinic CIO says

Cleveland Clinic CIO C. Martin Harris believes that technology in healthcare must have functionality and the ability to truly interact with patients for it to have any value.