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Latest Headlines

Survey: Docs dissatisfied with EHR cost, functionality

Most physicians responding to a newly published survey are dissatisfied with the functionality and cost of electronic health record systems. 

3 reasons for the demise of patient privacy

Several factors have contributed to the demise of patient privacy in recent years, according to software analyst and healthcare blogger Shahid Shah (a.k.a., The Health IT Guy).

New York governor's budget proposal allocates nearly $100 million to digitize health records

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's annual budget proposal includes many healthcare initiatives, including a $95 million plan to digitize health records.

Jacob Reider: Health IT usability still a challenge

Many of the health IT usability challenges "tolerated" by early adopter providers more than 10 years ago remain unresolved, according to Acting National Coordinator for Health IT Jacob Reider. To that end, Reider says that one of ONC's top priorities going forward will continue to be the optimal design and use of such tools, in particular electronic health records.

Healthcare attorneys: New business relationships will create new EHR problems

The healthcare industry already has experienced several unintended issues related to electronic health records, many of which involve patient safety and upcoding. But as implementation of EHRs begins to mature and providers step up integration in response to health reform, there will be additional unanticipated operational and business problems involving EHRs that will arise. Health law attorneys Michael Kline and Elizabeth Litten with Fox Rothschild in Princeton, N.J., shared some of these forthcoming problems in a recent exclusive interview.

ONC officials: Patient matching will be a challenge

Matching patients to their electronic data is a high priority but a challenge for the industry according to officials with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, reporting on their initial findings of their patient matching initiative at a meeting/webinar held Dec. 16.

Jacob Reider: Meaningful Use Stage 2 is a 'high bar'

To any hospital CIOs concerned that the recent extension to Meaningful Use Stage 2 does nothing to alleviate an aggressive start date, Acting National Coordinator for Health IT Jacob Reider has a message: the incentive program is hard work.

OIG: Limit EHR copy-paste to reduce fraud risk

Hospitals are employing safeguards to prevent electronic health record fraud and abuse to varying degrees, but must do more, according to a new  report  from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General.

4 super-sized healthcare trends

Healthcare leaders must adapt to regulatory, technology, medical and market changes that are forcing the re-invention of healthcare. A  report  from Mannett Health Solutions identifies 10 "megatrends" and the smaller movements and sub-trends supporting them.  We round up four of interest.

Study: HIT infrastructure an afterthought in rush to deploy new systems

Simultaneously changing both the infrastructure of a health system to support expansive health IT efforts and the methods by which IT tools are deployed is a process that will take time and mature unevenly in different settings, according to new research published online this week in the  American Journal of Managed Care.