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Latest Headlines

AHA16: Physician leaders say MACRA has promise, but won't be easy road

WASHINGTON, D.C.--While the government's new physician payment policies are certain to present challenges for doctors, they are at least a step up from the previous law, healthcare leaders said Tuesday during the American Hospital Association's annual conference.  

Report: Providers must adopt sophisticated tech, stronger policies to prevent duplicate patient records

To improve patient identification matching and lessen the chance of errors, more sophisticated technology will be necessary, according to healthcare experts, but human error will never be fully eliminated.

Doctor calls the EHR: 'The third person in the exam room'

Just like a third person isn't good for a marriage, the electronic health record gets in the way of the doctor-patient relationship, writes Cheryl L. Branche, M.D., in a commentary in  Medical Economics.

Room for error: EHRs in the ER pose safety risks

As electronic health records become a part of healthcare's "new normal," particularly in the emergency department, experts are concerned the new status quo is introducing new categories of medical error, according to Kaiser Health News.

Doc offices: Get ready for digital insurance ID cards

Cell phone apps have begun to replace the stack of identification and affiliation cards patients used to keep on keychains and in wallets. Now health insurance companies have joined the fray by providing their customers with digital identification cards, sometimes to the dismay of doctor's offices set up to deal with physical cards, according to a article from  AAFP News.  

Physician proficiency increases with EHR experience

For new resident physicians already overwhelmed in learning a new specialty, learning how to use a new electronic health record system presents just one more challenge.  

ONC gets $22M boost in proposed FY 2017 budget

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Office for Civil Rights each receive funding boosts in President Barack Obama's proposed fiscal year 2017 budget, released Tuesday. ONC's proposed funding is $82 million, $22 million more than what the agency was allocated for FY 2016. OCR's proposed funding is $43 million, a $4 million increase from FY 2016.

Karen DeSalvo: Make public health infrastructure more data enabled

National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo shared her thoughts on the potential of technology and an improved, data-driven infrastructure for public health efforts at the eHealth Initiative's annual conference in the District of Columbia Wednesday.

IT budgets growing, but not to support EHRs

IT budgets continue to grow at hospitals and health systems--but that growth is not because of funds needed for electronic health records, according to an IDC Health Insights report.

Technology, analytics boost population health management at Geisinger [Q&A]

In a recent interview with FierceHealthIT, Eric Newman, M.D., vice-chair for clinical innovations in the Geisinger's division of medicine, and Chanin Wendling, director of Geisinger in Motion, discuss how each entity takes advantage of technology and innovation to close care gaps and improve results.