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Latest Headlines

Health IT costs non-profits billions: Time to take a page from the for-profit playbook

By Dick Escue, CIO, Valley View Hospital According to the Big Three credit-rating agencies, more than 30 American hospitals and health systems have received credit score downgrades in the past year....

Data strategies, regulatory support vital to growth of global connected health markets

Developed and developing markets around the world, including the United States, are facing major challenges in the healthcare space. National economies are burdened with rising healthcare costs, made more severe by aging demographics for citizens and inadequate legacy infrastructure. In many markets, access to healthcare services and quality of care are inconsistent. However, healthcare markets everywhere are changing.

NorthShore uses EHR data to create Alzheimer's risk score

Researchers at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago are using data collected in electronic health records to create a risk prediction model for Alzheimer's disease.

E-health feedback loop helps diabetics boost outcomes

The use of telehealth remote monitoring as part of a eHealth larger feedback loop for diabetics led to vastly improved A1c levels compared with patients who did not use the technology, according to research published this week in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Doctor: Are EHRs turning us into data junkies?

While electronic health records and other health information technology holds the potential to improve the delivery of care, the increased reliance on such tools is turning providers into "data druggies," according to Philip Allen Green, M.D., a Walla Walla, Washington-based emergency physician.

National Quality Forum advocates for big data quality frameworks

As the healthcare industry pulls in buckets of information from electronic health records, wearables and health apps, "more data, more problems" is becoming a new refrain.

Why healthcare's lack of interoperability is unethical

The current lack of interoperability between medical devices and other healthcare IT tools represents both a safety dilemma and an ethical issue, according to leaders with the Center for Medical Interoperability.

FDA: EHRs can help get 'medicines to market faster'

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has shed further light on why it wants electronic health records to be part of drug trials, acknowledging that it may spur the use of electronic source data and speed up the drug approval process.

From data to EHRs, clinician offers 'modest technology agenda'

While big data, electronic health records and patient engagement tools are seen as the big solutions to improving healthcare, there are more modest goals clinicians eye to provide better care, says Gurpreet Dhaliwal, a staff physician at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

Louisiana creates campaign to educate residents about health IT

A new campaign by Louisiana has the goal of educating residents in the state about health information technology.