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EHRs, genomic data help ID new subgroups of Type 2 diabetes

Electronic health records combined with genotype data have identified new subtypes of Type 2 diabetes, potentially enabling clinicians to tailor medical care to patients based on their genomic differences, according to a new study in  Science Translational Medicine.

Why don't doctors and nurses have more healthy lifestyles?

Doctors and nurses suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart disease only slightly less than the general population, according to a study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Use of virtual health tools could shave $10 billion a year from primary care costs

Using virtual health technology in primary care could save $10 billion a year and allow treatment of more patients without the need to train more doctors, according to a new report.

mHealth-based coaching improves results for diabetic patients

Mobile phone use in health coaching efforts can boost adherence to healthy behaviors, improve glucoregulation levels and foster better mental health for patients managing Type 2 diabetes, reveals a new study.

Customized mHealth approach aims to boost diabetic self-care

A new mHealth app developed by a University of Louisiana at Lafayette research team may boost chronic disease management by using health informatics data to spur increased self-care by patients managing diabetes, according to information presented last week at the American Health Information Management Association's annual convention in New Orleans.

Philips, Salesforce collaboration aims to improve diabetes care

A new mobile health app and an accompanying online portal aim to help providers make better decisions regarding patients living with Type 1 diabetes by reducing the complexity of chronic disease self-care requirements.

EHRs, portals have a positive effect on diabetes care

Electronic health records and patient portals can improve the care of patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, according to a Kaiser Permanente researcher.

Google teams up with Sanofi on diabetes treatment

Google is continuing a push to make its mark on diabetes treatment by partnering with European pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

Latino diabetics deserve greater focus in developing mHealth apps

Mobile app developers should take the needs of Latino diabetics into account when creating mHealth apps for disease management, according to new research published in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research: mHealth and uHealth.

Collaboration is the best medicine for mHealth

There are many reasons mobile healthcare is being propelled forward. Smartphone advancements are laying a strong foundation for healthcare device development; app makers are innovating on monitoring; and tracking software and providers are piloting new tools at their facilities. These all make for good headlines, but one trend that often doesn't get as much attention is the collaborative trifecta: when tech vendors, platform builders and providers all are part of an effort.