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Latest Headlines

Failure to expand dental coverage stymies healthcare reform efforts

Roughly 4 million Georgia residents lack dental coverage, and many haven't seen a dentist in decades. The issue: The Affordable Care Act didn't include dental care among its "essential health benefits." 

Affordability sways exchange customers

Price is driving the buying decisions of customers shopping for insurance in the individual marketplace. Many Americans--even those who qualify for government subsidies--are picking the cheapest exchange plans available, according to the Associated Press.

Reform law could block 3M kids from dental coverage

Dental benefits in health insurance exchanges plans is often sold separately and is optional for children. Some experts believe this flawed implementation could mean millions of children will lack dental coverage and lead to an increase in tooth decay, which already is the most common chronic childhood disease, reported the New York Times.

WellPoint: Dental insurance important to baby boomers

Although Americans aged 45 and older value dental coverage benefits, only four in 10 older Americans have dental insurance from an employer, private and/or supplemental plan, finds a new survey from WellPoint.

Dental patients crowd emergency departments

The lack of dental coverage for under- and uninsured patients has hospital emergency departments (ED) seeing toothaches, tooth abscesses and other dental emergencies, USA Today reported. Between 1.3

SPOTLIGHT: Access to dental care still major issue

Right now, more than 100 million U.S. residents lack dental insurance--more than two and a half times the number of people without medical coverage, according to researchers. Meanwhile, the number of