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Latest Headlines

Patient-led glucose monitoring system raises questions about consumer role in mHealth, code sharing

A do-it-yourself mobile continuous glucose monitoring system developed by a diabetes patient's father who wanted daily health insight is the focus of a global virtual collaboration engaging patients and caregivers to share insight and software code to boost system functionality.

3 ways Magnet nurses deliver quality care

Research shows that both "Magnet" designations for hospitals and increased rates of nurse satisfaction result in better patient outcomes, and at a hospital recognized for some of the nation's best nursing care, nurses say the improved care comes down to several factors.

Use of data-sharing platforms for clinical trials limited

Use of platforms designed to provide access to individual patient data in order to increase transparency of clinical trial data has been limited, according to a research letter published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

New Year's resolution for healthcare: Bring physician assistants to the table

Guest post by Dawn Morton-Rias, president and CEO of the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants Remember when you were a child and every holiday, your dinner place was reserved...

How physician offices and retail clinics can collaborate [Interview]

Family Medicine for America's Health's  Health is Primary  campaign today announced a collaboration with CVS Health to increase coordination of care between primary care providers and retail pharmacies and clinics, including CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic. In an exclusive interview with  FiercePracticeManagement,  Glen Stream, M.D., president and board chair of FMAHealth, discussed the role of primary care offices in making such partnerships work.

4 healthcare lessons from retail clinics

The success of the retail model can teach traditional providers a lot about modern healthcare, and in many cases, make their jobs easier. In this special reort, Fierce looks at four lessons from this growing market.

How the healthcare industry can foster innovation

To foster innovation within healthcare, the industry needs the mechanisms in place that promoted major advances in other industries.

New Hampshire health systems, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care form new company Benevera Health

Three New Hampshire health systems will team up with payer Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to form a new company that will enhance healthcare coordination. 

Collaboration is the best medicine for mHealth

There are many reasons mobile healthcare is being propelled forward. Smartphone advancements are laying a strong foundation for healthcare device development; app makers are innovating on monitoring; and tracking software and providers are piloting new tools at their facilities. These all make for good headlines, but one trend that often doesn't get as much attention is the collaborative trifecta: when tech vendors, platform builders and providers all are part of an effort.

Wisconsin hospital partnership coordinates efforts to improve care

A year after six Wisconsin health systems partnered on an initiative to share best practices and improve care quality, the program has added two members and reaped the benefits of diverse experts and strengths.