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Latest Headlines

Pharmacist-physician collaboration cuts hospitalization, ED use

New research finds collaboration between physicians and pharmacists can reduce asthma hospitalizations, Pharmacy Times reports.

Nurses need more respect, stronger voice

Hospitals and healthcare facilities don't give nurses enough recognition, support or appreciation--and the effects are far-reaching, according to an  opinion pi ece  in the  Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Health tour aims to foster innovation among local leaders

A San Francisco-based company has started a nationwide tour aimed at kickstarting dialogue between local healthcare leaders to help them improve quality of care, boost patient engagement and eliminate inefficiencies within healthcare.

Sensor-based measurement can help boost healthcare teamwork

Sensor-based measurement holds the potential to shed light on ways to improve teamwork in healthcare, but a range of issues have to be worked out, according to a literature review published at JAMIA.

Study: Online ED learning resources must clearly demonstrate value

Emergency department professionals were skeptical of efforts to use technology to enhance interprofessional education, according to a recent study.

4 lessons Disney can teach healthcare leaders

Ten years after Fred Lee's  If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently  published, Disney still offers numerous insights into how hospital leaders can enhance patient experience, according to an article on  ePatientExperience.com. 

The unhealthy payer-provider marriage

Trust is what makes all good relationships work. Whether with spouses, families, friends or business partners, trust is the cornerstone of a strong, healthy bond. Newly engaged, I've found...

5 characteristics to look for in potential hospital partners

Collaborative arrangements in healthcare are a major opportunity, but providers must consider a variety of factors to determine if such arrangements are right for them, according to a column in Forbes.

Children's hospitals, vendors tackle pediatric care projects

Two major children's hospitals are teaming up with tech vendors on projects to advance pediatric care.

Why pharmacists are key to better outcomes, lower costs

Hospitals looking to improve outcomes and reduce costs should incorporate pharmacists into their care teams, Hospital & Health Networks Daily reported. That's because the expanding role of clinical pharmacist can help hospitals achieve higher performance scores, avoid readmissions and better manage indigent care.