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Latest Headlines

Senator urges creation of nursing home watch list

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) is backing the creation of a national "watch list" of nursing homes that don't meet federal health and safety standards. Grassley believes the list should be accessible

California Hospital Association wants audit of auditor

In recent months, the California Hospital Association has vigorously challenged the high volume of Medicare denials issued by CMS contractor PRG-Schultz International. PRG-Schultz is part-owned by a

Ambulatory surgery centers fear Medicare cuts

Ambulatory surgery centers are a bit stressed after finding out that CMS wants to pay some of them as little as 65 percent of what hospital outpatient departments are reimbursed. The new regs will

Closing the racial care gap--ideas in play

While the problem of racial disparity in healthcare treatment is still huge (see story #5, below), it's interesting to note there's been several pieces of news lately that hint at some solutions.

ALSO NOTED: CMS changes am/surg payment rules; UPMC faces safety violations; and much more...

> A new CMS rule has changed the way ambulatory surgical centers are reimbursed, shifting its method to mirror that used for hospital outpatient departments and physician's offices.

SPOTLIGHT: Debate over Medicare HMOs gets hotter

Turning over fee-for-service Medicare dollars to health plans was supposed to save money. But it's beginning to look like this isn't the case. To date, in fact, CMS has paid 12 percent more for

CMS P4P project shows diabetes care savings

While the evidence for cost-savings seems a bit, well, ambiguous, CMS this week is trumpeting the results of the first year of its diabetes care P4P project. CMS has just completed the first year of a three-year demonstration project under which the agency is monitoring diabetes care provided by 10 large medical practices. Diabetes management is being measured by standards drawn from CMS's Doctor's Office Quality project. Under the terms of the demonstration, which was mandated by …

CMS seeks rural hospitals for gainsharing program

CMS has begun recruiting rural hospitals for a demonstration project which will examine the impact of gainsharing projects on such hospitals. (Gainsharing refers to programs under which hospitals pay physicians a share of any savings generated by mutual quality and efficiency-improvement efforts.) Under the gainsharing program, the hospitals will be asked to provide their own measures of whether they've managed to improve quality and efficiency of care for Medicare beneficiaries. The …

SPOTLIGHT: Sutter responds to dicey federal heart stats

So if your facility came out badly in CMS's new batch of stats on heart failure, what do you do?  That's the problem facing Sacramento, CA-based Sutter Medical Center. Article

ALSO NOTED: Changes in Medicaid drug rates; More chiropractors in Washington state; and much more...

> CMS has announced controversial new Medicaid rules that will change the way it pays for prescription drugs. Release > Washington state has passed a new law requiring health plans to contract with more chiropractors. …