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Latest Headlines

ALSO NOTED: U.S. life expectancy lags; Hispanics picking up drug, alcohol problems in America; and much more...

> U.S. life expectancy isn't what it could be, that's for sure. It seems that our life expectancy rates are lower than 41 other countries.

CMS terminates King/Harbor contract

Despite a series of problems that might have killed another facility quickly, Los Angeles-based Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital has kept its tenuous hold on life for years. This one, however,

Tenet wins $1B federal lawsuit over outlier payments

Things were looking a bit ugly for Tenet, which was facing a huge potential liability over a suit claiming it deprived thousands of hospitals of their share of Medicare outlier payments. But, now

Feds consider restructuring Medicare quality program

Two U.S. Senators have introduced legislation intended to tighten up the $400 million program responsible for providing Medicare technical assistance. The Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) was

SPOTLIGHT: Medicare patients can't get drugs for off-label uses

In theory, physicians have every right to prescribe an off-label use for medications. However, as it turns out, Medicare beneficiaries can't always take advantage of this strategy. Under a recent CMS

ALSO NOTED: McClellan goes to think tank; N.Y. hospitals expect $28 million; and much more...

> Former CMS head Mark McClellan will soon head a new health care center at think tank the Brookings Institution.

CMS cites King-Harbor: Patient was in 'jeopardy'

A nurse has been fired and a supervising nurse put on administrative leave in light of yet another ugly incident at Los Angeles-based Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital.  CMS, which already was

Senator urges creation of nursing home watch list

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) is backing the creation of a national "watch list" of nursing homes that don't meet federal health and safety standards. Grassley believes the list should be accessible

California Hospital Association wants audit of auditor

In recent months, the California Hospital Association has vigorously challenged the high volume of Medicare denials issued by CMS contractor PRG-Schultz International. PRG-Schultz is part-owned by a

Ambulatory surgery centers fear Medicare cuts

Ambulatory surgery centers are a bit stressed after finding out that CMS wants to pay some of them as little as 65 percent of what hospital outpatient departments are reimbursed. The new regs will