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Latest Headlines

Scripps Health CEO on how he turned around floundering hospital system

Chris Van Gorder, former police officer turned hospital system chief executive officer, believes that engagement with his employees is the best way to lead. 

Hospital CEOs rank financial challenges as top concern

Thanks in part to the seismic changes surrounding the healthcare industry, hospital executives' top concern in 2014 was how to meet the financial challenges associated with running their businesses, according to the results of an annual survey conducted by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

3 ways CEOs can leverage CIOs to drive healthcare innovation

Chief executive officers in healthcare and other industries are turning their attention more closely toward technology and how it can improve their businesses; one of the keys to success is the chief information officer.

Accretive Health remains mum on earnings

The publicly-traded Accretive Health  has not released any earnings reports for more than two years, and when it plans to release those numbers--along with restatements of earnings going back to 2009--remains anyone's guess.

3 keys to thrive as a hospital CIO in a changing industry

As the digital landscape of healthcare continues to change, so do the jobs of those in the industry--including the role of CIO.

10 more notorious healthcare execs

As the leaders of healthcare organizations, executives must set the moral compass at their facilities and inspire their teams to improve quality care in their communities.  But some leaders fail miserably in this mission, destroying their hospitals' finances, reputation, and community trust and goodwill.

ND Blue Cross Blue Shield fires CEO after $73M loss

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota fired President and CEO Paul von Ebers a few days after the company announced it lost almost $73 million in 2013, The Forum reported.

Is there any room left in the hospital C-suite?

The top of the corporate pyramid is getting pretty crowded at healthcare organizations these days. It seems like not a month goes by without a hospital adding a new position to its C-suite. How many chief-fill-in-the-blank-officers does a healthcare organization need? Can there be too many chiefs at the C-suite table?

Vanguard CEO compensation jumps 54%

Despite public scrutiny of executive pay amid rising healthcare costs, the CEO and board chairman of Vanguard Health Systems saw his total compensation rise by 54 percent to $3.7 million for the

Highest government earners often in healthcare

A new report by the Sunshine Review indicated that many of the top earning positions in state and local governments are tied to the healthcare industry, accordintg to FierceHealthcare. In Chicago,