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Latest Headlines

Pope Francis wants Catholic hospitals to increase care for poor

During his historic visit to the United States, Pope Francis has urged operators of Catholic hospitals--which are among the biggest and most powerful of American healthcare providers--to increase their charity care for poor patients, USA Today has reported, and at least one Catholic healthcare system CEO, Ascension Health's Anthony Tersigni, is listening.

Community health centers on the rise: HHS to fund 266 new sites

The Department of Health and Human Services announced it will fund 266 new primary care health center sites in high-need areas nationwide to the tune of $169 million.

Not-for-profit hospitals may spend as much on charity care as for-profits

A new study calls into question whether some non-profit hospitals actually provide additional community benefits as required by law in return for billions of dollars in tax breaks each year.

For non-Medicaid expansion states, charity care wipes out savings

Cost is the most common reason that states have opted out of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Ac, but new research from Northwestern University finds that those same 21 states face uncompensated care costs roughly equal to what they would have spent on expansion.

Hospital chains push back against price-gouging allegations

Two major healthcare chains say a report that found their hospitals have the nation's steepest cost-to-charge markups mischaracterizes how much patients actually pay for their services, the  Tampa Tribune  reports.

ACA will cost Kentucky hospitals $7B

Kentucky is the first Southern state to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but the healthcare reform law has Bluegrass State hospitals in dire straits, according to a new report from the Kentucky Hospital Association.

Hospitals reap rewards of Medicaid expansion

Post-Affordable Care Act, discharges and revenue are up and care costs for low-income patients are down, at least in states that expanded their Medicaid programs, according to a new issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Cleveland Clinic sees steep drop in uncompensated care

The Cleveland Clinic reports its charity care expenditures are down significantly, from $101 million last year from $171 million in 2013.

NC hospitals pull back on patient lawsuits

For years North Carolina hospitals would sue patients if they couldn't pay their bills, sometimes even for nominal amounts. But it appears that acute care institutions in the Tar Heel State are rethinking that strategy.

Sen. Grassley furious that hospitals sue low-income patients

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has expressed astonishment that not-for-profit hospitals garnish the wages of low-income patients who should have qualified for charity care at the institutions where they received treatment, according to NPR  and  ProPublica.