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Latest Headlines

CO-OP exec: Risk-adjustment issues threaten core of health reform

Federal regulators' refusal to amend the risk-adjustment program threatens not only the viability of small insurers, but also the survival of the Affordable Care Act itself, the CEO of a consumer operated and oriented plan wrote in an opinion piece for the  Baltimore Sun.  

Single-payer plan gets boost from Bernie Sanders' big New Hampshire win

With Bernie Sanders' decisive win in New Hampshire, one fact is certain: The Democratic presidential candidate's plan for a single-payer healthcare system will remain in the spotlight.  

Local economies responsible for slowed healthcare spending

Healthcare spending has dropped considerably in recent years, a trend proponents of the Affordable Care Act attribute to the implementation of the healthcare law. But a closer look shows other factors at play, according to Kellogg Insight.

House fails to override Obama's veto of ACA repeal

The House of Representatives failed on Tuesday to override President Barack Obama's veto of a bill that would have gutted the Affordable Care Act. 

Final open enrollment surge might be less than expected

We will soon know for sure how many Americans signed up for 2016 health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but there are some indications that the final surge to sign-up for a health plan before the Jan. 31 deadline was less than expected, according to a  CNBC  report.

Uncompensated care cost hospitals $42.8B in 2014

U.S. hospitals spent the equivalent of $42.8 billion in uncompensated care on patients in 2014, accounting for 5.3 percent of all expenses, according to the American Hospital Association.

CO-OP failures and United's threatened pullout won't doom the exchanges, report says

The failure of many consumer operated and oriented plans and UnitedHealth's doubts about its future participation in the marketplaces aren't a significant threat to the viability of the health insurance exchanges or the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report.  

Most Americans happy with their health plan, poll finds

Though concerns over narrow networks and rising premiums continue to gain attention, a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that many Americans actually are satisfied with their insurance plan.  

Young consumers balk at fine for avoiding health insurance

As the Obama administration and outreach organizations drive home the point about increasing fines for remaining uninsured, that strategy is putting added pressure on many young, healthy individuals who believe they are unable to afford health insurance, according to the Associated Press.

Questions about HHS transparency impede health reform progress

You might think that after the Supreme Court rejected a series of Affordable Care Act challenges and a presidential veto nixed Congress' repeal attempt, ACA opponents might take a break to lick...