Affordable Care Act

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

More Americans have affordable insurance and can pay their medical bills since ACA

More Americans have healthcare coverage and access to medical care since the Affordable Care Act's provisions took effect, according to a new research from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Polls point to deep divide in views of Affordable Care Act

While the public at large appears to have negative views of the Affordable Care Act, an increasing number of Democrats want to expand the ACA, reflecting a widening divide between the law's supporters and opponents, according to two new opinion polls.

ACA fallout: One-third of physicians ready to quit since passage of healthcare reform law

The Affordable Care Act has put increased pressure on the country's physicians and has driven one-third of them to consider quitting the profession, according to a new study by CompHealth.

Andy Slavitt, GOP lawmakers spar over reinsurance payments

Republican lawmakers clashed with a top federal health official over reinsurance payments in a House subcommittee hearing Friday, with legislators accusing government officials of having a "cozy" relationship with the insurance industry, and using the reinsurance program as "an attempt to prop up Obamacare."  

Hospital execs: ACA, population health will be game changers in next three years

C-suite leaders predict in the next three years that high-value post-acute care networks and innovative approaches to care delivery will be their most important areas of focus, according to Premier Inc.'s spring Economic Outlook.

Six years in, Affordable Care Act appears likely to go the distance

Guest post by Kent Bottles, M.D, a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health. Last month I was so busy doing my income taxes and preparing MACRA presentations for...

Reasons to believe employer-based health coverage is here to stay

The Affordable Care Act has not spelled the end of employer-based health insurance--and if current trends continue, that doesn't look likely to change, according to the  New York Times.  

A look at how health reform changed the game for insurers in 2014

The commercial health insurance market was tumultuous in 2014 thanks to a slew of changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act--all of which is reflected in payers' bottom lines in that pivotal year, according to a research report from actuarial firm Milliman.  

House Republicans subpoena HHS over Basic Health Program

Two House Republicans have made good on their threat to subpoena the Department of Health and Human Services to get more information about funding for the ACA's Basic Health Program.

Arkansas' Medicaid experiment helps state promote value-based care

Amid the partisan divide about the Affordable Care Act, one conservative Southern state has managed to expand its Medicaid program and perhaps provide a model for effective healthcare transformation, according to the  Los Angeles Times.