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Latest Headlines

The insurer-physician relationship: Improved, but still imperfect

Relations are not so tense these days between health insurers and physicians, but several issues still divide them, according to  Managed Care  magazine.

Groups want to keep limits on risk corridor payouts to insurers

Despite news that the nation's largest health insurer is struggling to make a profit on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, some conservative groups want to continue limiting the government's ability to cushion the companies' losses.

CMS will seek ways to make up for risk corridor shortfall

A new memo from the federal government emphasizes that it intends to find a way to make up for future shortfalls in the Affordable Care Act risk corridor program.

Why physicians are thankful for the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has brought its share of challenges to physicians. But the healthcare reform law's effect on physicians hasn't all been negative, according to an article from  Medical Economics.  Here are three ways physicians told the publication that expanded insurance access has changed their practices for the better.

Analysis: Texas has highest rate of uninsured post-ACA, Massachusetts the lowest

Though there are plenty of reports that chronicle how the Affordable Care Act has lowered the overall number of uninsured Americans, a new analysis breaks down the data state-by-state to show how the healthcare reform law has affected regions differently.  

Supreme Court will hear ACA contraceptive mandate challenge in consolidated case

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to rule on several religious nonprofits' objections to the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive coverage mandate, marking the fourth time the justices will review challenges to the ACA.

Concerns linger about consumers' ACA, plan choice literacy

Even as the Obama administration strives to engage consumers in the third open enrollment period, there are signs that Americans' knowledge of the Affordable Cart Act rules is limited and their awareness of health insurance options continue to come up short.

Could pre-existing conditions rule be next target of ACA opponents?

As the debate continues regarding some of the more controversial parts of the Affordable Care Act--such as Medicaid expansion and the Cadillac tax--another unexpected provision now may also be under fire from the law's opponents.

Insurers shift strategies amid challenges of exchange market

Now that the Affordable Care Act's third open enrollment period has begun, a clearer picture of how health insurers are adjusting to the seismic changes in individual market has emerged.

Payer-provider tensions driven by ACA, other factors

Physicians just don't trust payers. UnitedHealthcare and Cigna fared worst in the recently released ReviveHealth Payor Trust Index, whereas physicians viewed independent Blue Cross Blue Shield plans more kindly