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Latest Headlines

Will concierge medicine become mainstream?

Concierge medicine  has come a long way from its controversial beginni ngs. The often insurance-free model may even become mainstream for certain populations in the coming years, predi cted   Forbes  columnist Russ Alan Prince.

President vows to veto any ACA repeal

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama indicated that attempts to roll back any of his landmark achievements--including the Affordable Care Act--will earn his veto.

Despite bumps in the road, healthcare leaders say ACA isn't going anywhere

The Affordable Care Act isn't going anywhere. At least that was the consensus from last week's annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference.

In wake of CMS departure, Tavenner praised for 'steady hand'

In the wake of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner's recently announced resignation, several healthcare organizations are praising her work at the agency, much of which focused on innovation in the industry.

Healthcare finance through the class divide

If you want the ethos of the ivory tower's upper floors laid bare, Robert Pear's recent ironic New York Times article does the trick. A significant swath of the Harvard University faculty is...

The Affordable Care Act needs an upgrade, not a rip and replace

The Affordable Care Act isn't a piece of software, but the way it has been written, implemented, updated and challenged is reminiscent of the software development process. What the ACA needs now is an upgrade, not a rip-and-replace job.

House passes bill redefining full-time work under employer mandate

The U.S. House of Representatives voted yesterday to redefine the full-time work week under the Affordable Care Act in what supporters say is an effort to help companies cope with the employer mandate to provide health insurance.

Hospital execs, board split on how to drive ACA-related adaption

Hospital executives and hospital boards have both accepted the need for change as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act, but whether that will happen anytime soon remains to be seen

House bill would exempt veterans from employer mandate

Republicans on Capitol Hill plan to chip away at the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate by redefining the full-time work week. Earlier this week, the House unanimously approved a less controversial way for employers to sidestep the mandate: Hire veterans.

Better patient engagement needed for ACA success

While the Affordable Care Act has achieved its goal of getting more Americans to carry health insurance, the result hasn't been universally positive for patients or physicians, according to an arti cle  from the  Wall Street Journal   that discusses the benefits and "side effects" of the healthcare reform law.