15 healthcare leaders who have something to say

Fierce editors mined the archives for these 15 interesting, thought-provoking and memorable quotes from 2012

When heavy hitters in healthcare talk, Fierce listens. Whether speaking in exclusive interviews with FierceHealthcare and FierceHealthIT editors or addressing a room full of conference attendees, healthcare industry leaders shared their expertise, lessons learned and words of advice on everything from strict employee wellness programs to abandoned merger deals to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

FierceHealthcare selected some of the most memorable quotes from healthcare leaders during the past year. Check out our favorite quotes and the leaders who said them:

1. "It's not hotel amenities. It's not china plates for meals. While those things are very nice, a true patient/family-centered care model is really at the core of the heart of care."

Who said it: Michele Lloyd, vice president for Children's Services at NYU Langone Medical Center, explaining what makes a successful patient/family-centered care model.

2. "In a Muggle world--the world we live in--the provider can't go into the room of paper charts and flourish their wand and say, 'All the patients with diabetes!' and the charts fly out and hover in the air. 'All those who didn't come back to see me, over here!' Send in an owl."

Who said it: Health IT coordinator Farzad Mostashari, M.D., discussing the problems with using paper records at CHIME's Fall CIO forum last month.

3. "People might think you're crazy by giving out all those contact numbers. When I first did it, the staff thought it was a bad idea. They said, 'You'll never have time to do anything else besides answer the phone.'"

Who said it: Windsor Regional Hospital CEO and President David Musyj, a FierceHealthcare advisory board member, who has taken an unconventional approach to patient and staff communication, freely giving out his email, office number, home number and cell number to the public.