How integrated patient data helps Southern Illinois Healthcare look to the future

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By Dan Bowman

Robust electronic health record systems and an ability to funnel mounds of other disparate electronic patient data into practical and actionable information at the bedside are at the heart of what many U.S. hospitals are doing to improve patient care. At Southern Illinois Healthcare, a three-hospital system based in Carbondale, Ill., the integration of such data sets has been crucial to the launch of its new physician hospital organization, Quality Health Partners.

The PHO, according to SIH Vice President and CIO David Holland and QHP Executive Director Dan Skiles, will focus on improving care for chronically ill patients, such as diabetics and asthmatics, before expanding to other patients. QHP uses one system that accumulates data from all of its multiple systems, then divides that data up per patient.

This special report examines SIH's path to clinical integration--from technical processes to physician buy-in--while also highlighting how that integration will pay dividends down the road.

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