Nine Healthcare Bloggers Worth a Click

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6. Mr. HISTalk

Blog name/tweeter:  HealthBlawg/@healthblawg

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About the blogger/tweeter: David Harlow is a healthcare lawyer and consultant with more than twenty years of public- and private-sector experience. He runs The Harlow Group LLC, and his clients have included individual physicians and complementary healthcare practitioners, physician group practices, diagnostic imaging facilities, ambulance services, nursing facilities, vendors, suppliers and managed care organizations.

Why it's required reading: There are hundreds of "blawgs" (blogs focused on law) out there, but Harlow is one of the most verbal and articulate communicators on healthcare law issues today. What's more, he communicates for a broader audience, rather than using deep "lawyer speak" aimed solely at his colleagues. Just about anyone can learn something about healthcare law from HealthBlawg.

Blog focus: Harlow extends across an extremely broad range of issues, including preventive medicine, communicating health politics online, healthcare social media trends, shaping patient experiences in more. The content is clearly shaped by Harlow's legal experience but clearly, reflects his broader interest in overarching health system issues.

Our favorite quote from the site: A headline that says it all: "The Whole Foods lesson: On-line communications, meaning what you say, saying what you mean, and remembering who you are"

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