More attention needed for senior frailty; Pediatricians treat with books;

> When treating the elderly, more attention should be paid to certain "geriatric syndromes," such as frailty and dementia, that make patients more vulnerable to other health risks, nurses said at a recent conference sponsored by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Article

> There is a continuum of bad to very good ways healthcare organizations can respond to negative online reviews, according to HealthcareITNews. Article

> Some pediatricians of underprivileged kids are beginning to combine the role of teacher into their patient visits, PBS Newshour reported. Video

> If Hurricane Sandy had big repercussions for your practice, you're not alone. Physicians Practice blogger Melissa Young has a story to which you might relate. Post

And Finally… MRI allows vegetative patient to communicate with doctors. Article