Two new reports from the American Telemedicine Association revealed "a mix of strides and stagnation" regarding telemedicine regulations.

Despite widespread proliferation of e-prescribing in healthcare, most systems still do not have a mechanism to cancel orders.

With new regulations focusing on interoperability and new prototypes testing the waters, 2017 could be the year blockchain officially breaks into healthcare.

There’s a disconnect between what patients report as symptoms and what information is recorded in the electronic health record, a new study has found.

One of the key architects of the Affordable Care Act isn’t buying the idea that Silicon Valley will lead the healthcare revolution.

Rep. Tom Price, R-GA, faced continued accusations of conflict of interest charges during the first hour of his confirmation hearing Tuesday morning.

An appellate court ruling has breathed new life into a class-action lawsuit against Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield over a healthcare data breach in 2013.

Donald Trump’s choice for HHS secretary, Rep. Tom Price, discussed the pros and cons of electronic health records at a hearing on Wednesday.