Online blowback from security professionals prompted Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to reconsider a marketing campaign involving a USB card.

Following widespread attacks, a group of Boston researchers is urging the industry to view cybersecurity in the context of a public health threat.

After investing its energy into EHR adoption, senior officials at ONC explained how the agency is shifting its focus to focus on interoperability and usability.

Although machines are devoid of the biases humans possess, artificial intelligence could inadvertently aggravate longstanding health disparities.

Regardless of where lawmakers land in the debate over healthcare reform, the need to reduce costs with cutting-edge technology isn't going away.

Aetna and the CDC are working toward one common goal: reducing the frequency of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

Use of telemedicine is exploding in California and other states as insurers increasingly cover tests and treatment overseen from afar.

UnitedHealth, which is already the nation’s largest insurer and boasts a growing healthcare services arm, may be poised to grow even further through an…