With the House poised to pass a budget resolution that would be a key step toward repealing the ACA, Republicans continue to grapple with intraparty divisions.

Two consumers will not be allowed to intervene in a case that challenges the legality of Affordable Care Act cost-sharing reductions, a federal appeals court…

As Congress lays the groundwork to repeal parts of the ACA, it should know that a delayed replacement could end up contributing to the national deficit

After a contentious round of late-night voting, the Senate passed a budget resolution that clears the way for repealing major tenets of the Affordable Care Act.

Hospitals and patients are in for a bumpy ride as we transition from implementing the Affordable Care Act to seeing it replaced with an unknown alternative.

The Affordable Care Act’s individual marketplaces aren't facing a "death spiral" as some have claimed, according to a newly released government…

President-elect Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to both repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act quickly.

A group of GOP senators has introduced a measure intended to draw out the Affordable Care Act repeal process.