With the Affordable Care Act marketplaces in a precarious position for 2018, some states are taking matters into their own hands.

It may be time for health insurers to focus on providing more value for customers rather than “swallowing rivals,” according to one expert.

The Trump administration is pressuring House Republicans to vote on a healthcare reform bill before the 100-day mark.

The bevy of risk corridor lawsuits brought by health insurers continue to wend their way through the courts, with a federal judge dismissing one such suit.

With the fate of a key ACA subsidy still up in the air, health insurers are already submitting filings indicating whether they will participate in the…

Republican leaders in the House are optimistic that they can quickly get back on track with their bid to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

A new survey finds healthcare execs have a pessimistic view of the healthcare landscape about the Trump administration.

Afraid conflict of interest could lead to fraud, a Medicare commission considers tighter rules to govern doctor-owned companies distributing medical products.

From Kaiser Health News: Senator Chuck Grassley wants federal health officials to tighten scrutiny of Medicare Advantage health plans.