Nearly 2 million people became uninsured since the end of 2016.

Aetna and the CDC are working toward one common goal: reducing the frequency of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

UnitedHealth, which is already the nation’s largest insurer and boasts a growing healthcare services arm, may be poised to grow even further through an…

​​​​​​​Low-cost, narrow-network health plans frequently exclude some of the top cancer physicians in the country, according to a new study.

Two new reports involving data from private and public payers demonstrate just how pervasive—and costly—the country’s opioid epidemic has become.

The evidence is clear that health insurance helps save lives, new research has confirmed.

From California Healthline: Single-payer healthcare, a longtime goal of progressive Democrats and the nurses’ union, is dead for now. 

Although it has improved access to behavioral healthcare for its members, Kaiser Permanente could face additional fines for not going far enough.

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