As the healthcare industry faces uncertain regulatory change, PwC says payers must find a new way to do business.

The healthcare industry must evolve from just embracing clinical population health to its broader cousin, community population health, said John Lumpkin, M.D.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price says the GOP’s replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act will lead to patient-centered healthcare, where…

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—While Ceci Connolly sees some positives in House Republicans’ recently introduced healthcare bill, she's skeptical about the practical…

Just as the fate of the ACA is up in the air, so is the future of accountable care organizations, which were established under the healthcare reform law.

A successful value-based healthcare experiment in Colorado could serve as a model for the rest of the country as policymakers consider changes to Medicaid.

More patients with Medicaid have been able to schedule appointments with primary care physicians since the Affordable Care Act took effect, a new study found.

There is no shortage of apples, grapes or hops in southeast Washington state's Yakima Valley. The same cannot be said for primary care doctors.

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