An Iowa health insurance agency will pay $1.3 million to local governments to settle allegations that it overcharged for premiums.

A Houston-area psychiatrist is the latest person convicted for his role in a $158 million Medicare fraud scheme.

Benjamin Poehling, a UnitedHealth executive-turned-whistleblower, says insurers have set up a “perfect scheme” to game the Medicare program.

The Department of Justice has filed its official complaint in one of two whistleblower cases that it is joining against UnitedHealth.

To hear one HHS senior official tell it, a $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme was “hiding in the data.” All it took was some targeted analytics to tease it out.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has urged a government watchdog to investigate a Universal Health Services facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the wake of media…

Twenty-one California doctors are facing charges in an alleged $40 million fraudulent medical billing and kickback operation.

Afraid conflict of interest could lead to fraud, a Medicare commission considers tighter rules to govern doctor-owned companies distributing medical products.