Afraid conflict of interest could lead to fraud, a Medicare commission considers tighter rules to govern doctor-owned companies distributing medical products.

From Kaiser Health News: Senator Chuck Grassley wants federal health officials to tighten scrutiny of Medicare Advantage health plans.

While house calls by primary care physicians provide many benefits, they have also come under scrutiny by the Office of Inspector General in 2017.

A Detroit podiatrist has been charged with participating in a $13.9 million healthcare fraud scheme.

An Oregon man who was the practice manager at his father’s eye clinic was sentenced to jail this week for falsely billing insurers and tax fraud.

A Louisiana doctor pleaded guilty yesterday to operating a "pill mill," threatening to kill law enforcement agents and committing healthcare fraud.

UnitedHealth will be allowed to go forward with a case in which it is challenging the regulations for MA overpayments.

A Florida ophthalmologist was sentenced to 10 years in prison last week for cheating Medicare out of nearly $10 million by intentionally misdiagnosing patients…

President Donald Trump's budget signals his administration will prioritize healthcare fraud enforcement, experts tell FierceHealthcare.