From California Healthline: Single-payer healthcare, a longtime goal of progressive Democrats and the nurses’ union, is dead for now. 

Anthem has broken ranks with its fellow insurers and offered support for the Senate’s version of a healthcare bill.

The CBO score of the Senate healthcare overhaul bill may make it harder for the measure to pass, save for one upside.

An estimated 22 million people would either lose or voluntarily give up their health insurance by 2026 under the Senate’s healthcare plan.

Increasing insurance coverage appears to improve health outcomes, recent studies find, but the jury’s still out on whether the costs are worthwhile.

For safety-net healthcare facilities, insurance coverage changes in healthcare reform legislation will lead to increased budgetary strain.

If they didn’t like the healthcare bill passed by the House in May, the medical community had no kinder words for Senate Republicans' draft version.

Payer execs and policy experts gathered in Austin, Texas, earlier this month to share strategies and solutions to navigate extraordinary change.

There is both good and bad news for health insurers and their customers in the draft of the Senate's healthcare bill.