Centene’s CEO isn’t particularly worried about the effect that politics will have on his company’s business.

The Trump administration’s plans to put pressure on Democrats to come to the table on healthcare reform could backfire, says KFF.

From Kaiser Health News: House Republicans may let states decide about whether to keep a key consumer provision in the ACA that they say is raising premiums.

Despite pressure from the White House to vote on a revised healthcare bill this week, House Republican leaders have signaled they’d rather wait.

From Kaiser Health News: The Trump administration has pledged to create jobs and shrink healthcare spending—almost a contradiction in a country where…

The Trump administration is pressuring House Republicans to vote on a healthcare reform bill before the 100-day mark.

Health insurers’ financial performance in the individual market showed signs of improving in 2016, but they still face hefty challenges.

The bevy of risk corridor lawsuits brought by health insurers continue to wend their way through the courts, with a federal judge dismissing one such suit.

With the fate of a key ACA subsidy still up in the air, health insurers are already submitting filings indicating whether they will participate in the…