The federal fate of Medicaid is uncertain. But at the state level, conservative governors are starting to rework programs on their own.

A House bill that would allow wellness programs access to genetic data would limit precision medicine research that relies on voluntary participation.

Insurers have been mostly mum on the AHCA and its CBO score, a response that stands in stark contrast to providers' reactions.

Healthcare providers, payers and two large healthcare associations want more federal funding to improve internet access that will support telehealth…

News that the government is expanding its Medicare pilot primary care program into the Greater Buffalo area of New York was welcomed with open arms.

MACRA will present challenges for physician practices, said Anne Phelps, principal and U.S. healthcare regulatory leader at Deloitte.

Allegations that Universal Health Services (UHS) promotes holding patients longer than necessary to maximize profits have reportedly spawned an investigation…

An Iowa health insurance agency will pay $1.3 million to local governments to settle allegations that it overcharged for premiums.

A Houston-area psychiatrist is the latest person convicted for his role in a $158 million Medicare fraud scheme.

Physicians are stuck in “EHR purgatory,” writes an internal medicine physician at MGH. The only way out is by focusing on value-based payment models.