Utah submits a narrowly focused Medicaid waiver application, Sen. Menendez's corruption trial could give tip the scales on ACA repeal, and other news.

Humana is joining forces with Amgen on a multifaceted research venture that aims to improve health outcomes.

New research suggests that allowing the sale of limited-coverage and transitional health insurance policies has contributed to instability in the individual…

A cardiologist pleaded guilty Wednesday to defrauding the Veterans Affairs program by billing for hundreds of procedures he never performed.

Express Scripts will roll out a new program that will limit opioid prescriptions for first-time users.

The CEOs of major health insurance companies are speaking out about the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the aftermath.

While the push for a major healthcare policy overhaul has petered out, some narrower changes are emerging.

If your health system isn’t tying physician compensation to the value of services your physicians deliver, you may be falling behind.

There are better options to combat the opioid crisis than simply mandating first-line coverage for abuse-deterrent formulations.