Federal regulators are poised to take on more oversight to ensure network adequacy if states don't reign in increasingly narrow networks.

General wellness apps and devices won’t face tough scrutiny from the FDA, as long as they only promote general wellness and present a low safety risk.

Federal investigators have launched a criminal investigation into Alere’s billing practices for drug testing claims submitted to Medicare.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to revamp the state’s Medicaid program sets the stage for a standoff between him and federal health officials.

Restructuring the ACA's "family glitch" would help control costs for low-income families and stabilize state exchanges with an influx of younger…

Moving from paper to electronic records--or from one EHR to another--did not hurt short-term outcomes in Boston.

One of the main facets of Anthem's argument for its merger with Cigna appears to be the deal’s potential benefits for the public exchange market.

UnitedHealth and Aetna are poised to join the Medi-Cal market in San Diego and Sacramento counties.