Aetna won’t return to the ACA exchange markets it has left for at least another two years, according to the company’s CEO, and only if legislators are willing…

The AMA and the AAFP have put a lot of effort into urging the Pentagon to kill a section of language in its funding bill expanding telehealth.

With the feds emphasizing value-based payments, insurers are slowing adopting alternative payment models (APM) that link reimbursement to quality and care…

I’ll give you one guess what the hottest topic is going to be at the Medical Group Management Association conference this year.

A year after the Yates memo, a $465 million settlement with Mylan threatens to erode the tough new policy on individual accountability.

The Obama administration argues the House acted unconstitutionally for meddling in the ACA's insurance subsidy program.

AARP has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block two federal rules that allegedly allow wellness programs to discriminate against employees.

A government audit shows almost half of MA providers have wrong information listed in directories.

The nation’s fourth-largest nursing home provider has agreed to pay $145 million to settle claims that it overbilled for medically unnecessary levels of…

Average premiums for the benchmark silver plan on the Affordable Care Act exchanges will rise by double digits in 2017.