A government audit shows almost half of MA providers have wrong information listed in directories.

Average premiums for the benchmark silver plan on the Affordable Care Act exchanges will rise by double digits in 2017.

The HHS OIG found that New York overpaid two hospitals for Meaningful Use, but backed down from an assessment of more errors after the state defended its…

New regulations, coordinated federal takedowns and a renewed emphasis on individual accountability have led to a distinct shift in fraud enforcement.

The Department of Justice is making use of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) to investigate corporations accused of bribery outside of the United States.

Health insurers may actually have a strong claim to recover money they are owed from the ACA's risk corridor program.

It does not appear that Republicans are eager to heed President Barack Obama's call to work with Democrats to fix the ACA instead of trying to repeal it.

Kaiser Permanente's HMO plans outranked seven other California insurers when it comes to quality care, according to the state’s patient advocacy office.

Monitoring health plan members’ social media activity may allow insurers to formulate better prices for coverage.

New data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers key insights about the differences between on-exchange and off-exchange products.