Webinar: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Reduces Drug Interaction Alert Burden and Monitors Alert Fatigue Using QlikView

Date: Now available On-Demand   Duration: 1 hour

Alert Fatigue is quickly becoming a hot topic across the healthcare industry, but do you truly understand how gravely it can impact your business and, most importantly, the lives of your patients?

Join us for a rare opportunity to see how the #1 Children's Hospital in the nation reduced drug interaction alert frequencies by as much as 75%.

Eric Shelov, Inpatient EHR Director and Pediatric Hospitalist, John Martin, Director of Information Management, and Luis Ahumada, Information Scientist from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will give you a behind-the-scenes view into how they used Qlikview to create a dashboard of medication alerts that was vital in their efforts to:

  • Eliminate nuisance alerts
  • Monitor override rates in specific contexts
  • Characterize patterns of alert fatigue.

    The speakers will be joined by Matt Stephens, Director of Solution Architects in Healthcare at QlikTech.

    Eric Shelov, MD, Inpatient EHR Director and Pediatric Hospitalist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    Dr. Shelov is a Pediatric Hospitalist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia dedicating his time to both teaching and nonteaching services. He completed his residency at CHOP in 2009 and is the Medical Director for the Inpatient Electronic Health Record. He is working on his Masters degree in Clinical Informatics at Oregon Health Sciences University.
    Luis Ahumada, Information Scientist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    Luis is an Information Scientist at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He spends the majority of his time in the scientific inquiry of finding new insights in data using diverse data-discovery tools and creating novel solutions. He is currently a PhD candidate in Information Science and Technology at Drexel University.
    John Martin, Director of Information Management, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    John is the Director of Information Management at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he leads the Enterprise Analytics and Reporting team in their mission to improve the healthcare delivery system by mining the vast amount of data at CHOP's disposal. John is also a member of the adjunct faculty at the iSchool at Drexel University.
    Matt Stephens, Director of Solution Architects, QlikTech
    Matt Stephens manages the National Healthcare Solution Architect team at QlikTech where his main focus is assisting providers in leveraging QlikView to improve patient outcomes. Matt has worked in the marketing, operations and technical departments and represents one of the most tenured individuals at QlikTech North America.