Webinar: Payer Survival & Success in a Dynamic Market

Now avaialble on-demand  |  Duration: 60 minutes

For decades, health plans have enjoyed a unique and positive business environment. That is over. Healthcare organizations in general, and health plans in particular, face both significant challenges and very real opportunities. Plans must now tackle evolving and still-uncertain regulatory requirements, tough new competition, tighter controls on administrative costs, and a dramatic shift to consumer empowerment. Succeeding in this dynamic environment requires rigorous evaluation and fast adoption of new business models powered by next-generation technologies.


Attend to hear how to compete, succeed, and better serve today’s more demanding consumers – and the crucial role technology can and will play.


Sue Arthur, Vice President, U.S. Health & Life Sciences Industry, HP
Susan Arthur is vice president and general manager of the HP Enterprise Services U.S. Health & Life Sciences Industry, which includes organizations in the health plan, life sciences, provider and state and local health and human services segments. In this role, she is responsible for client commitments, business leadership and overall performance of all health and life sciences business in the United States.
Paul Thompson, Strategy Director, U.S. Commercial Healthcare & Life Sciences, HP
Paul Thompson is director of strategy for the U.S. Commercial Healthcare and Life Sciences segments for HP Enterprise Services. His primary focus is aligning the broad capabilities of HP - such as cloud, data analytics, and security-with healthcare industry needs stemming from healthcare reform and related challenges.
Kris Kurschner, Strategy Leader, U.S. Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Segment, Enterprise Services
Kris Kurschner is the Strategy Leader for the HP Enterprise Services U.S. Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan segment. In this role, she is responsible for leading overall strategy and business development for HP in the Blues market segment within the Commercial Healthcare organization.