ACHE16: Healthcare leadership has its challenges but there is hope for the future

I'm still sorting through my notes from all the sessions I attended this week at the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress in Chicago. But as I reflect back on what I learned, what...

Hospital acquisition of doc practices improves care

When physician practices are acquired by hospitals, those practices become more adept at implementing care plans for chronically ill patients, according to a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care. The trend is associated with the change in ownership, researchers said. 

Broward Health board votes to demote acting CEO

The board of Florida's Broward Health has voted to demote its interim CEO back to chief operating officer amid repeated complaints of an unproductive, disorganized atmosphere and lack of long-term physician contracts, according to the Sun Sentinel.

VA scandal: Department may take more than a year to fire embattled execs

This week, nearly two years after the discovery of falsified records that kickstarted the Veterans Affairs scandal at the Phoenix VA Healthcare System, the agency recommended the removal of three Phoenix executives--but the process of actually firing them is far from over, according to Cronkite News.

Hospital discharges: 5 strategies to improve the process and cut readmissions

The discharge process remains a major obstacle for healthcare leaders seeking to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions, in large part because patients often don't understand the instructions. New research now suggests multiple strategies that could improve the process, including treating it more like the admissions process and dispensing medications at that point.

Leapfrog: Hospital infection rates still too high

Only a quarter of U.S. hospitals meet patient safety guidelines for patient safety regarding central line-associated blood stream infections and catheter-associated urinary tract infections, according to a new study conducted by the Leapfrog Group and consulting firm Castlight Health.

Scandal pushes officials to redesign the VA healthcare delivery system

Problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs keep coming even amid efforts to reform the system, with allegations this week that Texas VA facilities engaged in similar record falsification to that which kicked off the scandal nearly two years ago. The ongoing issues within the system demonstrate the need for a deeper re-evaluation of the VA's approach to care delivery, argues an opinion piece by VA Under Secretary of Health David Shulkin, M.D.

How nurses can prepare themselves for board leadership

Although nurses can provide tremendous value to hospital boards, many don't feel as if they are well prepared to serve in a governance position, Rachel Polhemus, senior partner of executive search firm Witt/Kieffer, told Becker's Hospital Review.

Healthcare miscommunications contribute to a quarter of readmissions

Poor communication in healthcare settings has both a steep price tag for hospitals and a body count, and new research published in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that it's also to blame for a quarter of preventable readmissions.

ACHE16: Dos and don'ts for the CEO when moving to a new position, organization

CHICAGO -- The high rate of CEO turnover creates new opportunities for hospital and health system senior executives--but also potential pitfalls. No one knows that better than Michael H, Covert, who took over as president and CEO of CHI St. Luke's Health in Houston 18 months ago, after spending 12 years as CEO at Palomar Health in San Diego. 

How the US can prepare healthcare systems for the aging population

Fears of the potential costs of reform may be holding back developed countries' efforts to prepare for the onslaught of aging patients, says the head of an international group examining the impact of an aging population on global health systems.

VA scandal: Heads finally roll as agency proposes removal of three execs at Phoenix VA Health System

The Department of Veterans Affairs has finally taken disciplinary action against three executives, nearly two years after the spark that ignited the initial scandal in Phoenix, when it came to light that more than 40 patients died while enduring long waits to receive care at the city's VA hospital.

Zika virus: Aggressive public health efforts keep Cuba safer than other tropical areas

Despite considerable financial disadvantages, public health agencies in Cuba have much to teach those in Hawaii about safeguards against the Zika virus, according to Honolulu Civil Beat.

Donald Trump-esque personalities a mixed blessing for hospitals

Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and its implications for politics have generated buzz for nearly a year, but like other small-screen bosses, the former reality show host's ascendance in Republican polls contain lessons for healthcare leadership as well, argues a MedPageToday blog post.

Michael Leavitt on value-based payments: Ignore signals 'at your own peril'

CHICAGO -- Pearl Harbor. Blockbuster. The dot-com bubble. All have one thing in common. Leaders missed subtle signals that warned of pending danger. At ACHE, Michael Leavitt, former HHS secretary, urged healthcare leaders not to ignore the signals accompanying the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payments.

Senate committee moves to investigate concurrent surgeries

A U.S. Senate committee will investigate concurrent surgeries, wherein surgeons operate on more than one patient at once, according to The Boston Globe.

ACHE16: 4 ways to achieve leadership diversity

CHICAGO -- Although the healthcare industry has made some strides in leadership and diversity in hospital management and governance, the growth in the number of minorities who hold executive positions is slow. But there are steps that organizations can take to improve leadership diversity, according to speakers at the 2016 American College of Healthcare Executive's annual meeting.

ACHE16: Despite industry challenges, leaders can make a difference

CHICAGO -- The theme of this year's American College of Healthcare Executives Congress is "leading well" and Edward H. Lamb, division president of IASIS Healthcare in South Jordan, Utah, drove the message home by encouraging attendees to remain positive about the difference they make in their communities.

Superbugs follow 1 in 4 seniors from the hospital to post-acute care settings, study finds

Superbugs are following seniors from the hospital to post-acute care facilities--where they're picking up even more bugs, according to research reported in the Journal of the American Medical...

Daily huddles keep safety threats at bay

A daily, 14-minute leadership huddle is helping Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas improve patient safety and patient experience.