3 Michigan systems complete merger; White House asks for $30M to fight Ebola;

News From Around the Web > Three healthcare organizations in southeast Michigan made their merger official Tuesday, creating a single, $3.8 billion nonprofit health system, according to Hometown...

Unidentified respiratory illness hits children in 10 states

An unidentified respiratory illness has already infected more than 1,000 children across 10 states will likely spread across the country, according to ABC News.

CMS reverses decision, will publish hospital error data

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reversed its August decision to stop publicly reporting data on several hospital-acquired conditions and it will resume public reporting of data on HACs such as foreign objects left in patients' bodies, according to USA Today.

Marketing lessons for ACOs

To educate consumers, accountable care organizations need to do a better job of marketing their services. Not sure where to begin? FierceHealthcare talked to ACO leaders and healthcare marketing experts for insights on marketing strategies for ACOs. 

More details come to light in VA scandal

More details and accusations come to light months after news broke about delays in care within the Veterans Affairs health system.

3 steps the US can take to control the Ebola outbreak

The United States has done a great deal to try to stop the out-of-control Ebola epidemic in West Africa, but The Hill outlines additional steps the nation could take if the crisis gets worse.

8 cities with the highest hospital readmission rates

Medicare's 2014 comprehensive measure of hospital readmissions show that 364 hospitals across the country, in states such as Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island have higher hospital readmission rates than the national average.

Chicago hospital prepares Navy medics for trauma care

A Chicago hospital now serves as the training ground for Navy doctors, nurses and medics to learn how to treat trauma wounds, the Associated Press reports. The program, launched this spring at The John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, gives military medical teams experience dealing with penetrating wounds, inserting IVs in emergencies and other techniques needed in combat areas.

Scholarship looks to boost number of minority registered nurses

In an effort to increase the amount of black, Latino and other minority registered nurses, the American Heart Association and Macy's will give out 16 scholarships a year for the next three years to boost the number of diverse healthcare workers, the North Dallas Gazette reported.

3 ways to improve the patient experience and hospital culture

Three techniques can help hospitals improve the patient experience, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.

Support patients emotionally to foster full recovery

Guest post by Thomas Dahlborg, chief financial officer and vice president of strategy for NICHQ (National Institute for Children's Health Quality) An incredibly special person recently came into...

Pain management scores rise moderately, leave room for improvement

With postsurgical pain evaluations correlating with overall patient satisfaction scores during hospital stays, pain management at hospitals is improving, but not at the rate industry experts would like. There is an increase in patient satisfaction with pain care in government-owned, for-profit and nonprofit hospitals, but that increase didn't keep pace with other improvements such as satisfaction with overall care, according to an article in Anesthesiology News.

US must produce 1.1 million nurses by 2022 to meet demand

Fifty years after the Nurse Training Act of 1964, and as many of those original nurses retire, the United States will need to produce 1.1 million new registered nurses by 2022 to fill jobs and replace retirees, according to an announcement from the American Nurses Association.

3 ways to improve physician engagement

Physician engagement is more important than ever as healthcare shifts in the direction of value-based purchasing models like accountable care organizations (ACOs), John Wallace, vice president and general manager of ACO services at McKesson, writes in Becker's Hospital Review.

US could see healthcare occupation labor shortage

There is a great risk of labor shortages in the United States, especially in the healthcare industry, according to a new report from The Conference Board, a global, independent business membership and research association. 

Ebola outbreak spinning out of control

As reports surface that a third American missionary has contracted Ebola while working in Liberia, public health officials said the outbreak is spinning out of control and has now spread to five countries.

AHA supports proposed Medicare anti-fraud and abuse legislation, suggests improvements

American Hospital Association Executive Vice President Rick Pollack sent a letter of support for the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Health's draft legislation "Protecting the Integrity of the Medicare Act" that would combat waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare program. 

Anxiety, provider mistrust send patients back to ER

Emergency department patients who return within a few days of discharge are usually anxious about their symptoms and lack trust in their care, according to a new study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Ian Morrison: Private purchasers demand high quality, low costs from providers

Affordability is urgently needed in healthcare and the industry must continue to find innovative ways to constantly improve care while lowering costs for private healthcare purchasers, who drive the market and hold the entire financial margin of the healthcare delivery system, futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D., writes in Hospitals & Health Networks.


More research, standardization needed to prevent ER infections

A lack of both standardization and studies on emergency department practices complicates comparing research on infection control, according to a literature review published in the American Journal of Infection Control.