How health leaders can optimize employee wellness

by Zack Budryk As important as patient engagement is in today's healthcare landscape, engaging employees in their own health and lifestyle choices can be just as vital. One way healthcare leaders...

Hospitals must define patient experience

In my most recent Hospital Impact blog, I reinforced the simple, but significant need to focus on three Ps of patient experience, offering that at the core of this idea is the central purpose on which an organization builds its experience effort.

To fix healthcare, go back to business basics

To fix the problems within the healthcare system, healthcare leaders must look internally to run their organizations more like businesses, Premier President and CEO Susan DeVore told Forbes.

CEO pay growth outstrips other positions

Chief executive base pay continues to grow faster than other C-suite positions, according to the 2014 Hay Group Healthcare Compensation Study.

Hospital security planning will play part in containing Ebola virus

Hospital security policies and personnel can play a huge role in preventing the spread of the Ebola epidemic that is raging on in West Africa, according to an article at

The future of nursing: An industry in flux

Like much of the healthcare industry, the nursing profession drastically evolves, adapts and morphs to meet new demands and needs every day. Amid debates about a nursing shortage, scope of practice and educational requirements, only one thing is certain--the future of nursing will change even more.

Report: Hospitals will save $5.7B on uncompensated care

Hospitals' uncompensated care costs fell nearly $6 billion in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Hospitals innovate design strategies to improve patient experience

Hospitals increasingly pay attention to design and physical space as a factor in patient experience, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Post-operative pain leads to less sleep, longer hospital stays

Patients who experience more pain after surgery reported poor sleep while they were in the hospital, often resulting in longer length of stays, according to a study announcement from researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

US hospitals unprepared for Ebola-related medical waste

Some U.S. hospitals might be prepared to treat the Ebola virus, but are they prepared to dispose of Ebola-related waste? Probably not, which could threaten public safety, according to a report by Reuters.

Reporter's Notebook: Boston healthcare forum tackles Affordable Care Act, product innovation

The Economist's Health Care Forum 2014 conference in Boston brought together healthcare leaders to discuss hot button topics, such as price transparency and the future of healthcare. And though they didn't resolve the big issues, some of the topics--such as whether the Affordable Care Act is a success or a failure--generated lively debate.

What hospitals can learn from other industries about consumer-driven care

In order for hospitals to stay competitive in the shift to consumer-driven care, organizations must focus on service, price transparency and quality. But the best model for this exceptional customer service isn't necessarily found in healthcare.

3 simple ways to improve population health management

As healthcare shifts from fee-for-services to value-based care federal policy will soon reflect new incentives that focus on population health management tools and efforts, Ron Greeno, M.D., executive vice president of strategy and innovation at Cogent Healthcare, told Becker's Hospital Review.

Engage patients through casual conversation

Rural healthcare providers faces a host of challenges, but patient engagement is one of the biggest hurdles they must overcome. 

Lessons on employee wellness from Google

Employee wellness must be a top priority among healthcare leaders, and they can take inspiration from an unlikely source: Google, according to a MedPageToday blog post.

Lack of education breeds disparities despite equal access to care

Improved access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act won't necessarily narrow the care disadvantage gap for less educated patients, according to a new brief from the Virginia Commonwealth University's Center on Society and Health.

How to retain top employees in the age of cutbacks

As the healthcare model changes dramatically and many providers make cutbacks, hospital leaders must consider ways to keep their best employees on board, Healthcare Global reports.

3 factors making the Ebola outbreak worse

The circumstances of this year's Ebola outbreak significantly exacerbated the worst-case scenario for the virus, according to Vox.

To improve healthcare outcomes, empower nurses

Healthcare providers can achieve the necessary post-Affordable Care Act transformation by empowering nurses, according to Forbes.

Hospitals combat violence against workers

Angry patients and violence against healthcare workers plague hospitals across the country, as organizations try to defuse tension in a high-stakes environment.