Hospitals collaborate to improve the patient experience

More hospitals and health systems create cooperative networks involving doctors, providers, patients and payers, or "ecosystems of care," according to Healthcare Finance News.

Healthcare compliance post-ACA: Challenges and opportunities [Special Report]

In this special report, FierceHealthcare takes a look at the changing role of compliance and the chief compliance officer due to healthcare reform.

Rock Health's Halle Tecco: No easy answer for dearth of female health execs [Interview]

While women make up a vast majority of the healthcare workforce, they are still woefully underrepresented in the C-suite of major healthcare organizations, according to a new report from Rock Health.

White House plan calls for aggressive measures against superbugs

The White House has released a new plan to combat antibiotic-resistant infections such as the recent outbreak linked to contaminated duodenoscopes.

No Senate SGR fix vote until mid-April

The Senate adjourned this morning for a two-week recess before discussing legislation to replace the Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

5 principles to help hospital leaders improve on the Triple Aim

Hospital leaders have proposed a new set of care principles to reflect the post-Affordable Care Act healthcare landscape, according to an opinion piece in JAMA co-written by former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Donald Berwick.

The tangible benefits of physician engagement

Guest post by Barry Ronan, president and CEO of Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland, Maryland I am often asked how I engaged physicians as we were transitioning to value-based care...

ACA health center program's future up in the air

The Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, a doctor training program funded by a provision of the Affordable Care Act, is up for renewal this year.

Sleeping-nurse case renews focus on nurse fatigue

The case of Tanya Lemon, a DeWitt, New York nurse whose disabled patient died when Lemon fell asleep on the job, has reignited the debate on how to reduce fatigue among healthcare workers, according to the Associated Press.

Communication lapses between clinicians lead to poor care coordination, readmissions

Communication--or rarely the lack thereof--between hospital clinicians and primary care providers often results in poor care coordination after discharge and a greater chance of patient readmissions, according to a new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Texas Medical Center CEO: Collaboration will drive healthcare industry forward

Many healthcare executives struggle to get a variety of stakeholders to come to the table and adopt a common set of goals, but Texas Medical Center CEO Robert Robbins takes on that familiar task on a far greater scale--and he must do so in a city that faces its own health crisis.

Obama administration launches partnership to speed transition to value-based care

At a White House event Wednesday, President Barack Obama kicked off the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, a wide-reaching, public-private collaboration that the administration hopes will speed up the transition to value-based payment models.

Government, hospitals fail to protect nurses from workplace injuries

Despite the epidemic of workplace injuries and stress-related burnout that nurses experience, they often receive little to no help from hospital leaders to address the problem--and healthcare facilities aren't the only ones that don't adequately protect the nation's frontline clinical workers, according to an NPR report. 

House unveils details of permanent SGR fix, but hurdles remain

Congressional leaders this week released details on their bipartisan plan to permanently repeal the unpopular Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

Doctors hit hospitals for fast-food partnerships

McDonald's has contracts with 18 hospitals across the United States. In addition to serving burger.s in the cafeterias, the restaurants host birthday parties and deliver straight to patients' bedsides, according to Yahoo! Food.

Gender wage gap persists among nurses

Male nurses continue to earn significantly higher salaries than their female colleagues even though women outnumber men in the profession, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

5 millennial-driven healthcare trends

Millennials are poised to have a major influence on the direction of healthcare delivery due to their preference for technological innovation and convenient care models, according to a new PNC Healthcare survey.

More hospitals turn to video translation services

Hospitals in the Midwest have joined the growing number of medical facilities that are turning to video translation services to accommodate patients who speak little or no English, the Journal-News reports.

How teamwork can prevent patient falls

Each year there are nearly one million patient falls in U.S. hospitals that result in injury in 30 percent to 50 percent of cases, according to H&HN Daily. In response, 19 hospitals in Nebraska have collaborated on a multi-team system, evidence-based approach to decrease fall risk.

Premier Inc. CEO: Hospitals should employ 'quality cycle management'

As healthcare experts debate which measures best reflect healthcare quality, Premier President and CEO Susan DeVore has a suggestion: hospitals should use the same methodology they use for their finances.