Hospitals embed mental health professionals in the ICU

Pilot programs at several large academic medical centers suggest that integrating psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals into hospital units to work with patients before they're in crisis can lead to everything from shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions to intensive care unit (ICU) patients being weaned off ventilators sooner, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Patients 50% more likely to die avoidable deaths in hospitals that score lowest in safety

Hospitals could save at least 33,000 lives each year if they followed the patient safety policies and procedures of the highest-scoring hospitals in The Leapfrog Group's Spring 2016 Hospital Safety Score update, a new study finds. 

Top health systems boast shorter ER wait times, lower costs

Top health systems in the country earned high marks in emergency room wait times, cost effectiveness and patient rating, according to Truven Health Analytics' list of top 15 health systems for 2016. 

Zika virus: CDC issues worker protection guidelines

Public health authorities have issued new guidelines to protect workers who treat patients exposed to the Zika virus.

Convenient care drives new healthcare partnerships

The rise of "convenient care" within the hospital sector is driving a wave of partnerships, including joint ventures, non-exclusive arrangements and telehealth alliances, according to a post at the NEJM Catalyst blog.

5 steps to improve behavioral health, eliminate gaps in care

A new guide from Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence provides hospitals with concrete steps for improving integrated, accessible behavioral health services by building community networks and partnerships that fill gaps in care.

US preparedness for public health emergencies edges upward

The U.S. is better prepared for public health emergencies than it was three years ago, according to an annual health preparedness assessment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Best practices for care coordination [Special Report]

In this special report, FierceHealthcare examines best practices for care coordination to ensure patients receive the right care, in the right place and at the right time. 

Officials warn Wisconsin hospitals to be on alert for new bacterial outbreak

A new bacterial outbreak, dubbed Elizabethkingia anopheles, has emerged in southeastern Wisconsin and area hospitals must be extra vigilant, according to Hospitals & Health Networks

Hospital leaders: Words of caution for social media outreach

Guest post by Nancy P. Jean, senior social media strategist for Lifespan Inc. So you're tweeting, posting to Facebook, updating Pinterest boards and maybe putting pictures up on...

Critic questions accuracy of 'Top Hospitals' lists

Rankings of so-called "Top Hospitals" can produce wildly different results depending on the questions asked and the criteria used to determine each healthcare institution's rating, according to a commentary published at MedPageToday.

Patient safety: A call for more meaningful measures

Increased financial pressure provides hospitals with more incentives to improve patient safety, but policymakers must establish more meaningful measures to create lasting change, write two leading patient safety experts.

NewYork Presbyterian Hospital pays big price for unauthorized filming of reality TV show

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital will fork over $2.2 million to settle a case that involved an "egregious disclosure" of two patients' protected health information during filming of a reality TV series.

Missed nursing care may heighten racial disparities

As the heathcare industry works to address racial disparities and identify its causes, a new study published in Medical Care indicates missed nursing care may have something to do with it.

Task force calls for sweeping patient safety reforms at NIH's Clinical Center

A panel of independent experts has called for sweeping changes in the patient safety practices at the National Institute of Health's Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The task force writes in a report that an overemphasis on research came at the expense of patient safety.

Hospital groups, Congress laud delay of star-rating data

Hospital groups and lawmakers hailed a federal agency's decision Wednesday to delay the release of its new star ratings until July.

Patients at higher risk for psychiatric symptoms after ICU stay

Patients are at increased risk for mental symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression following stays in the intensive care unit, according to a study from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Henry Ford program slashes patient suicide rates by 80%

A program at Henry Ford Health System's Behavioral Health Services Department drastically reduced suicide rates by applying a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation care redesign initiative to target depression, according to a case study published on the NEJM Catalyst blog.

3 lessons to improve patient care transitions

Although there is no cookie-cutter approach to care coordination, one hospital's strategy has proven to be an effect model for patient care transitions, according to Medscape.

Fox's John Stossel: Hospital customer service is terrible

Fox News consumer reporter John Stossel has a bone to pick with the U.S. healthcare system. The journalist is undergoing treatment for lung cancer at one of the highest-rated hospitals in the country. Although his prognosis is good and he trusts his doctors, he is much less enamored with the hospital's customer service.