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Radiologists' Burden of Inefficiency Using Conventional Imaging Workstations

Whitepaper | Presented By: GE Healthcare

This study surveyed radiologists about inefficiencies in their respective workflows, revealing a number of shortcomings associated with the information technologies radiologists employ to review, interpret, and report diagnostic imaging examinations. Our findings indicate a considerable opportunity for more intuitive, efficient, multi-modality and multi-function systems to improve radiologists' workflow and productivity. Read the full whitepaper here.

What is the ROI of Physician Relationship Management?

Whitepaper | Presented By: eVariant

Traditionally, hospitals look to the team that develops and maintains physician relationships to drive growth by increasing referrals. Physician Relations Managers or Physician Liaisons have one goal: cultivate relationships with doctors that will lead to an increase in cases being referred. Read More

How to Deliver Value-Based Care That is Truly Patient-Centric

Whitepaper | Presented By: eVariant

Since a patient is more than just a collection of ailments, patient-centric care must encompass both information about medical status, and insights into the individual. How can we deliver value based care that is truly patient-centric? Read more.