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Master Data Management Whitepaper (What is enterprise MDM file)

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: LexisNexis

The ability to manage customer data including health care professionals, organizations, and the relationships among them has never been more important. A daunting task to say the least, this paper explores the benefit of employing a gradual approach with simple and trusted structures and processes, then gradually moving towards a more integrated and robust approach. Download today!

Provider Network Innovation: On the Straight and "Narrow" Toward Value-Based Care

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: L.E.K. Consulting | Published: April 6

Providers looking to take shortcuts in moving toward a new value-based care model may encounter obstacles. L.E.K. has identified areas where they can focus their efforts to find success. We highlight nine key success factors that should be considered while transitioning to a VBC model in our Executive Insights. Download White Paper Now.