After paying a $240,000 fine for violating HIPAA, Lincare is facing a class-action lawsuit for failing to protect employee information.

The Oregon representative who chairs the House Committee on Energy and Commerce wants to understand the circumstances surrounding the cyberattack.

More clarity from the FDA and a formal process for quantifying adverse events associated with the firmware update will improve device recalls.

The newly installed AHRQ director has a 21st century vision for the agency that includes building a “data-driven digital enterprise platform."

U.S. hospitals still have the opportunity to cut billions of additional dollars from their supply chain budgets.

Evolution in our nation’s healthcare systems is creating exciting new opportunities—as well as significant new challenges.

The contest, which includes a $300,000 grand prize, looks to tap into readily-accessible databases to decrease the time it takes to identify biothreats.

ONC is following through on its plan to transition health IT testing tools to the private sector, adding a HIMSS-developed tool to its ranks.

More than five years after speculating that algorithms would replace doctors, Vinod Khosla says “there’s no reason an oncologist should be a human being."