An influx of patient data has given rise to a secondary commercial market in which de-identified data is bought and sold. But at what cost to privacy?

Uncertainty is the only given that 2017 will bring for health IT, according to predictions from DirectTrust.

President Barack Obama says data-sharing efforts haven’t gone as well as he had hoped they would under the Affordable Care Act.

Despite concerns over the privacy and security of their personal health data, patients don't withhold health information from their doctors.

Electronic health records have matured—in part. Sometimes it seems like the industry takes two steps back for every step forward.

The great irony of healthcare data is that many patients still can’t easily access it—but hackers and cybercriminals can.

Donald Trump, who declared over the weekend that “no computer is safe,” has named Thomas P. Bossert as his main cybersecurity adviser.

More than 25 million patient records were compromised as of October. In November, there were 57 new health data breaches—the most in any month this year.