HHS Secretary Tom Price said the agency is looking at ways to change privacy laws to share addiction information with families.

A study that compares EHR adoption rates before and after the HITECH Act supports the argument that Meaningful Use helped digitize hospital records.

The ONC announced plans to integrate industry developed health IT certification tools over the next 5 years so it can focus on real-world testing.

A new mobile app and impending regulation changes that allow providers to practice across state lines are part of the VA's new telehealth initiative.

The Department of Justice announced it will create a unit that will use healthcare fraud data to combat the opioid epidemic.

In 2018, CMS will allow hospitals to use 2014 or 2015 Certified EHRs, pushing back a January 1 deadline opposed by providers and health IT groups.

A new Senate bill addressing medical device cybersecurity would create a medical device "cyber report card" and require minimum testing.

The FDA has outlined basic concept of its new software precertification program, but companies selected for the pilot will have an outsized influence.

Health IT groups voiced varying levels of support for ONC's interoperability measurement framework, although some worried it would create an additional…