For hospitals with complex systems, keeping up with security patches can be an "overwhelming task." A lack of cybersecurity professionals doesn'…

A data policy think tank wants Congress to adopt unique patient identifiers and expand data collection for LGBT patients.

Cybersecurity experts are concerned that the next ransomware attack will be even more damaging, and healthcare providers will end up in the crosshairs.

The healthcare industry is slowly shoring up its cybersecurity defenses, but it might not be moving fast enough to prepare for a wide-scale attack.

The ONC added Genevieve Morris, formerly a senior director at Audacious Inquiry, as principal deputy national coordinator for health IT.

President Donald Trump's cybersecurity executive order has implications for HHS, which has been repeatedly criticized for system vulnerabilities.

Privacy concerns have limited text messaging in healthcare, which is a shame because it offers "unprecedented convenience."

NIST has released draft guidelines for healthcare systems to address cybersecurity concerns in wireless infusion pumps.

The Senate voted 57-42 to confirm President Donald Trump’s nomination to lead the FDA, ushering in a new era of drug and device regulation under Scott Gottlieb…