The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is exploring the use of blockchain to simplify information sharing about public health events.

Aetna has rolled out a program that offers “immediate relief” to those who say they were affected by a privacy breach.

An IT company that provided support services to Vermont’s health insurance exchange has agreed to pay $264,000 and alter its security program.

With a $13 billion IT budget, HHS still hasn't implemented security functions that the Government Accountability Office deems "effective."

Small medical practices will get an assist from two national organizations to improve cybersecurity and protect confidential patient information.

More than half of data breaches in August were tied to hacking, while just over a quarter were traced back to insiders.

NIH has made it a priority to involve underrepresented communities in its campaign, but the agency will have to overcome significant distrust.

As technology fills in for therapists, researchers are pushing for "interim regulations" to oversee rapidly advancing chatbots.

Two Republican lawmakers want more information from Merck and the HHS about the impact of the malware attack and plans for a potential drug shortage.

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