An Illinois health system has settled with the federal government for $475,000 for waiting three months to inform officials of a HIPAA violation that led to a…

Investigators believe hackers acting on behalf of a foreign government exploited common industry weaknesses in the 2015 Anthem breach.

Despite concerns over the privacy and security of their personal health data, patients don't withhold health information from their doctors.

At next month's HIMSS meeting, HIT pro Shahid Shah expects to delve into healthcare technology risks and opportunities under a Trump Administration. 

Electronic health records have matured—in part. Sometimes it seems like the industry takes two steps back for every step forward.

Healthcare remains at risk for coordinated cyberattacks in 2017, particularly as connected medical devices offer less-secure pathways.

The great irony of healthcare data is that many patients still can’t easily access it—but hackers and cybercriminals can.

Donald Trump, who declared over the weekend that “no computer is safe,” has named Thomas P. Bossert as his main cybersecurity adviser.

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