Healthcare providers that have a dedicated information security executive are more likely to adopt a holistic approach to privacy and security.

HHS Secretary Tom Price said the agency is looking at ways to change privacy laws to share addiction information with families.

President Trump vowed that the U.S. will win the battle against the opioid epidemic but stopped short of declaring it a national emergency.

With a growing number of connected medical devices and a lack of cybersecurity resources in healthcare, experts warn the next attack will lead to patient harm.

The Department of Homeland Security says vulnerabilities within Siemens devices could be exploited by low-skill attackers.

This year is shaping up to be one of the worst years for healthcare data breaches despite increased attention throughout the industry.

An appeals court revived a class-action lawsuit against CareFirst seeking damages tied to a 2014 data breach involving more than 1 million records.

A new Senate bill addressing medical device cybersecurity would create a medical device "cyber report card" and require minimum testing.

The president’s opioid commission says it's time for President Donald Trump to declare the crisis a national emergency.

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