Despite its broad approach, researchers said President Trump's cybersecurity executive order underscores key federal deficiencies following WannaCry.

HHS officials are exploring potential changes to the agency’s “wall of shame" amid concern that the portal stifles cyberthreat information sharing.

Cycling out legacy systems and devices that create cybersecurity vulnerabilities is a difficult task that could benefit from a structured incentive program.

Two laws designed to prevent fraudulent payments in healthcare are making it difficult for smaller providers to get cybersecurity assistance.

HHS will open a healthcare-specific cybersecurity communication center by the end of the month following a real-world test run responding to WannaCry.

Two NHS physicians say WannaCry's "undeniably dramatic" impact underscores the need to improve IT systems that have been historically…

For years, I have been encouraging hospital and healthcare leaders to have a very high social media IQ in order to excel and flourish in today’s volatile world.

Three weeks after the WannaCry malware virus encrypted IT systems across the globe, two health systems in the U.S. are still dealing with the aftermath.

Mobile health apps targeting dementia patients lack appropriate privacy policies, raising concerns for a vulnerable population.

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