Kaiser is investing in telehealth technology as part of an effort to resolve behavioral health deficiencies identified by California regulators.

Renowned surgeon Atul Gawande hasn’t bought into the hype of artificial intelligence as a primary diagnostic tool, citing imperfect data as a key issue.

School systems across the country are are partnering with hospital systems and physician practices to provide better care to children.

Communicating clearly and directly with patients is key during surgery, and one Florida hospital is finding success using mobile apps.

Improving the country’s healthcare system requires transforming its delivery system, two physician leaders say.

Hospitals across the country are testing virtual reality programs as a way to manage patients’ pain.

In a rarity in the payer world, two companies—Oscar Health and Humana—are joining forces to launch a new commercial health insurance product.

The “most wired” hospitals across the country are using mobile devices, telehealth and data analytics to improve care and communication with patients.