When you hear “put patients first,” you should be thinking outside of the existing care delivery system, where business opportunities abound.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two bicoastal health systems are incorporating geospatial analytics into existing patient data to create targeted population health initiatives.

ORLANDO, Fla.—For hospitals, a seemingly innocent Facebook or Instagram post from a clinician can quickly turn into a cybersecurity vulnerability.

It might be time for doctors to reexamine the value of patient-generated health data.

The FDA's Seth Carmody debunks four myths about the agency's role in medical device cybersecurity.

A three-pronged approach can strengthen population health efforts for the “silent middle”: an underserved population that could benefit from preventative…

Once again, the GAO called on the federal government to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities with particular emphasis on EHRs and insurance marketplaces.

There’s an effort underway that will make it easier for doctors to practice medicine in multiple states.