Just like different shoes serve different purposes, hospitals should use different social media channels to reach different audiences.

Pagers are still a popular communication tool in hospitals, but a new study shows texting via pager raises concerns about clarity and urgency.

UVA Health System is using telehealth in the ambulance to reduce the time it takes to get stroke victims necessary treatment.

As data becomes a central feature of healthcare, clinicians need more training to manage and analyze new data sources, according to a new report.

Hospitals are interested in using Amazon’s voice recognition software to improve clinical care, but privacy laws and limited engagement are holding them back.

Successful population health management relies on flexibility, particularly when it comes to coordinating various health IT vendors.

In the future, drones equipped with medical supplies might replace ambulances to cut down the time it takes to get emergency care to survivors.

USC's medical school is taking on several efforts to digitize medical care while ensuring new technology is useful and available to more patients.

The FDA will launch a Digital Health Innovation Plan that will redefine its approach to digital devices, prompting excitement from industry experts.