A settlement between three mobile health app developers and New York State raises concern that oversight will begin to vary by state.

A consumer-focused approach drives much of the work inside Anthem’s Innovation Studio, which opened about a year ago and has already produced results.

The need for improved interoperability could signal the end for traditional HIEs and pave the way for more advanced pathways.

A provision of Trump’s budget blueprint that would increase FDA user fees could place undue burden on smaller digital health startups that often drive…

A new report from WEDI calls for a culture change to cybersecurity defense within the healthcare industry and urged providers to look beyond basic standards.

Although it’s best practice for tech companies to tailor their products to the end user, healthcare startups often miss the mark.

More healthcare providers are using Apple products improve engagement, a shift that is likely to grow given the company’s expanding interest in the industry.

A new policy brief from AHIMA lists patient portals and data management among the ways health IT can assist clinicians caring for LGBT populations.