It might be time for doctors to reexamine the value of patient-generated health data.

AI and cognitive computing are “mainstream and here,” IBM CEO Ginni Rometty told the HIMSS audience at the opening keynote on Monday.

A three-pronged approach can strengthen population health efforts for the “silent middle”: an underserved population that could benefit from preventative…

Once again, the GAO called on the federal government to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities with particular emphasis on EHRs and insurance marketplaces.

New recommendations aim to improve Direct Messaging, calling on EHR software vendors to address significant gaps in clinical messaging usability and security.

Digital health tools that show promise during clinical trials fall flat in the real world. A broader focus on patient engagement could ease that transition.

As doctors rely increasingly on digital tools, more apps for a variety of treatment options are flooding the market—some tackling issues one might not expect.

One thing we know for sure about the annual HIMSS conference: It can be overwhelming. And this year it seems like there are more hot topics to track than ever…