Hospital executives say a lack of capital, understaffed IT departments and regulatory uncertainty make it difficult to invest in digital innovation.

Tradeoffs with data accessibility and portability make it almost impossible to fully protect against ransomware attacks.

Allowing vendors and providers to charge fees for managing health data will prompt a larger investment in interoperability, Niam Yaraghi says.

Technical upgrades and clearer policies surrounding overpayment recoupment could lead to wider adoption of electronic payment processing.

An analysis of Medicare spending shows HIEs have the potential to save Medicare more than $3 billion each year.

A new study adds to mounting evidence that telemedicine can save patients two things they value most: time and money.

Two days after it was introduced, a bill that would make telehealth coverage a core part of MA plans sailed through a House committee on Wednesday.

More state and local agencies are funneling public health data into HIEs, but a lack of funding and technical difficulties have slowed integration.