AHRQ is soliciting research on ways technology affects diabetes care as part of a broad look at mobile approaches to the high-cost chronic condition.

As the new CIO of Stanford Health Care, Eric Yablonka intends to focus on predictive analytics and tap into innovative partnerships.

Senior executives at Apple and Aetna have reportedly discussed plans to make the Apple Watch available to the insurer’s 23 million members.

Sixty percent of consumers are interested in virtual medical care, according to a new survey, especially following a hospital stay.

A research effort by the Department of Defense to better understand AI decision-making could be critical to using the technology to diagnose diseases.

Using machine learning to sift through Instagram photos, researchers found that computer algorithms could diagnose depression more accurately than physicians…

The AMA is one of seven medical organizations now allied with the Human Diagnosis Project aimed at virtually connecting patients with specialists.

Telemedicine is poised to change the healthcare industry, similar to the way Amazon altered the dynamics of retail, and providers should take note.

While the use of online content is not new in the medical field, the challenge has become how to use this material to increase patient engagement.