Hospitals are doing a fairly good job at protecting their EHR data as required by the HIPAA security rule, according to a new HHS OIG report.

The purpose of MACRA, according to Andy Slavitt, is to “return the focus to patient care, not spend time learning a new program.”

Hospitalists are uniquely positioned to bring about the unrealized revolution of healthcare promised by technology, according to Robert Wachter, M.D.

Do EHRs provide a good return on investment? It seems, based on recent research, that the answer might be yes.

Electronic health records can increase a provider's charge capture, leading to higher reimbursement, according to a new article in Medical Care Research…

Using scribes can be a positive experience for physicians, but they’re imperfect and raise additional issues, researchers say.

The Precision Medicine Initiative is “unprecedented” and represents “a turning point in medicine,” according to cardiologist Eric Topol.

There are numerous steps policymakers can take to smooth the path for healthcare innovation, according to a Health Affairs blog post.