Do EHRs provide a good return on investment? It seems, based on recent research, that the answer might be yes.

Hospitals are doing a better job than ever of providing patients with the ability to access their EHRs, according to a new report from the AHA.

Using scribes can be a positive experience for physicians, but they’re imperfect and raise additional issues, researchers say.

The Precision Medicine Initiative is “unprecedented” and represents “a turning point in medicine,” according to cardiologist Eric Topol.

Stakeholders appear to support using electronic health record data in clinical trials, but don’t think EHRs themselves are quite ready for prime time.

Cloud-based network services have been key to Lost Rivers Medical Center's survival, says CEO/Administrator Brad Huerta.

Patricia Mechael has a full plate these days in her newly appointed role as executive vice president of the Personal Connected Health Alliance.

The VA's approach to addressing its electronic health record needs is “uncertain” and full interoperability with the DoD is “years away,” according to a…