The VA is taking steps to mitigate its reputation as slow to adopt technology by creating patient portals, launching an online scheduling app and more.

Major industry groups appear to be giving Tom Price and Seema Verma a warm reception.

President-elect Donald Trump has assembled his healthcare dream team: Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a longtime critic of the Affordable Care Act but champion of…

A new report calls for collaboration among the healthcare industry, biomedical researchers and technology vendors to create technology that supports patients.…

Digital medicine may actually play a key role in humanizing the healthcare system.

Because of the complexity of a major IT conversion and the time and resources required, organizations can often fall into “IT conversion paralysis.”

Computer algorithms can interpret echocardiographic images and distinguish between two similar heart conditions affecting young athletes.

Interoperability—and all the steps it takes to achieve it—remains an industrywide challenge.