Nearly half as many patient records were exposed in data breaches in February compared to the month prior, but almost 60% were the result of insider threats.

The need for improved interoperability could signal the end for traditional HIEs and pave the way for more advanced pathways.

In a departure from previous comments, VA Secretary David Shulkin seemed willing to consider sticking with VistA rather than pursuing a commercial EHR.

Miami Children’s Health System wants to position itself as an industry innovator.

A new report from WEDI calls for a culture change to cybersecurity defense within the healthcare industry and urged providers to look beyond basic standards.

Although it’s best practice for tech companies to tailor their products to the end user, healthcare startups often miss the mark.

Doctors sometimes encourage patients to write down their concerns prior to an office visit. But what if patients could type the reasons for their visit right…

More healthcare providers are using Apple products improve engagement, a shift that is likely to grow given the company’s expanding interest in the industry.