A new state law prohibits New York providers from charging a fee for medical records to low-income disabled residents applying for state benefits.

The updated OIG work plan will evaluate Department of Health and Human Services' response to cybersecurity threats.

Eight EHR vendors say it’s "inconceivable" a company would prohibit data sharing, highlighting a deep divide over how to define information blocking.

Mandatory e-prescribing and nationwide data sharing are critical steps to reining in the opioid epidemic, according to a representative from Oklahoma.

More state and local agencies are funneling public health data into HIEs, but a lack of funding and technical difficulties have slowed integration.

Primary care physicians spend more than half of their workday interacting with electronic health records, a new study found.

NorthShore University Health System is partnering with Ambry Genetics to integrate genomic data into the integrated health system’s EHR.

ONC's Andrew Gettinger, M.D., raises the alarm about patient safety threats, interoperability roadblocks and other problems with EHRs.