It’s no secret that healthcare providers are integrating predictive analytics into their clinical workflow. Using analytics effectively is another story…

Data analytics can solve a lot of problems in healthcare. At HHS, defining those problems helps data scientists understand how technology can help.

Researchers say the advancements driving precision medicine will have little impact without a concurrent focus on delivery.

Community physicians represent a rich, and largely untapped, resource for healthcare innovation.

As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, the new technology will have to find ways to fit into an industry that has long relied on human judgment.

Health plans are taking a broad approach to health data, using digital records to drive value-based contracts and improve population health.

As health systems search for IT sepsis solutions, two vendors have set themselves apart from the rest of the industry.

To hear one HHS senior official tell it, a $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme was “hiding in the data.” All it took was some targeted analytics to tease it out.

Most of the security breaches that make headlines occur in big healthcare systems, but that doesn’t mean physician practices aren’t vulnerable to the attack.