Healthcare providers, payers and two large healthcare associations want more federal funding to improve internet access that will support telehealth…

MACRA will present challenges for physician practices, said Anne Phelps, principal and U.S. healthcare regulatory leader at Deloitte.

President Donald Trump wants to increase FDA medical device user fees by more than $300 million in 2018, raising muted concern from the digital health industry.

Physicians are stuck in “EHR purgatory,” writes an internal medicine physician at MGH. The only way out is by focusing on value-based payment models.

A virtual EHR is helping medical residents at the Indiana University School of Medicine navigate the complexities of geriatric healthcare.

In a letter to the FCC, AMIA said federal regulators should build policies around the idea that broadband access is a social determinant of health.

In a national survey, 89% of Americans said it’s important to have a relationship with a physician who knows their health background and history.

Preventing medical errors generated by health technology requires buy-in from a broad number of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way physicians diagnose and treat patients, but who will shoulder the blame when the machine is wrong?

A hospital’s failure to appropriately safeguard patient health information cost it a $387,000 settlement with HHS.