Humana is joining forces with Amgen on a multifaceted research venture that aims to improve health outcomes.

The Human Diagnosis Project might have the newfound support of the American Medical Association, but physicians are slightly more skeptical.

In the wake of two global cyberattacks, the CIO of Penn Medicine is calling for more federal support in the form of criminal investigations.

A revision of draft guidelines issued by NIST includes a new focus on IoT devices that have flooded industries like healthcare.

Legal experts wonder whether the FDA's new digital precertification program can provide the evidence necessary to attract users to new technology.

Researchers at the University of Chicago will build a cloud-based software system to help curate pediatric cancer data.

Telemedicine could mitigate the high costs associated with women who see abortion follow-up care at an ER rather than travel long distances to their provider.

Some analytics companies are more prepared than others to take on the shift to broader data integration that offers more robust real-time analysis.

AHRQ is soliciting research on ways technology affects diabetes care as part of a broad look at mobile approaches to the high-cost chronic condition.