White papers on improving claims processing, patient-reported outcome measures and the doctor-patient relationship are among the winners of a national…

As telemedicine use increases in the healthcare industry, there’s something that remains unclear: The service’s tax implications.

Despite doctors’ continued concerns about the usability of EHRs, comparing those experiences remains difficult, say researchers.

Hospitals looking to reduce overcrowding in the emergency department should use current ED demand data to predict future trends, a study finds.

Healthcare is undergoing a change in how patients interact with their data, a shift that is "most evident with the explosion of mHealth and wearables,…

A smartphone app built for patient handoff and rounding can boost care compared to traditional approaches, researchers say.

As partnerships between urgent care organizations and health systems grow, so does the importance of having systems that can seamlessly share data.

Mobile healthcare tools can make a positive difference in cardiovascular care efforts, the top cause of death in the world, according to Zubin Eapen, M.D.

Messaging app services could be a game-changer for physicians, especially ones that offer strong security and data privacy features.