The distance between HIM professionals and the hospital setting can have negative consequences for accountability and efficiency.

As the healthcare industry grapples with the prospect of more disruptive change, CEOs have even more to worry about than usual.

As cybersecurity continues to be a national concern, healthcare organizations must move to prioritize security features and prevent attacks.

The House approved the Expanding Capacity for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Act by voice vote yesterday—it now heads to President Obama for a likely signature.

Inexpensive, creative team-building can help ease some of the stresses that leave clinicians emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted.

Healthcare providers are using the cloud for a broader array of applications and storage needs, reflecting a growing trust despite lingering security concerns.

Technology—from nanotech to DNA-fueled precision medicine to the much-hyped Google Glass—could extend human life expectancy into the triple digits.

The rise of connected devices in healthcare, also known as the Internet of Things, might improve patient care, but it could also put them in danger.