The use of a web-based tool to expedite cancer treatment approvals provided patients with quick access to chemotherapy drug regimens and lowered drug costs.

With ransomware attacks on EHRs and other systems more common than ever, providers must remain "defensive," government cybersecurity experts said on…

Two recently launched pilots spearheaded by ONC and Accenture focus on the use of patient-generated health data by providers and researchers.

Health insurers say regulations limit telemedicine reimbursement in Medicare Advantage, and they want the CBO's help.

A lot of software in use, particularly related to the healthcare industry, has not been through a formal security improvement process, a new analysis finds.

ONC is taking action to better incorporate privacy and security into health technology, according to Lucia Savage, the agency's chief privacy officer.

The shift to value-based purchasing requires immediate attention from hospitals, as performance for certain quality measures in 2016 will shape payments for…

Strong leadership, flexible funding, and relevant data and analytics will be necessary to imp;rove public health in the U.S., according to a new HHS report.