Fighting healthcare fraud is a priority for the Department of Justice, a department official said at a conference.

A program that automates patient schedules has made a difference for one Massachusetts multispecialty practice.

Healthcare delivery that looks smooth and efficient from a provider’s perspective often winds up looking like a huge waste of time for patients.

The GOP’s healthcare bill will have huge implications for patients, providers and payers. But uncertainty is also forcing health IT startups to pivot.

Sanjay Shah, director of strategic innovation at Dignity Health, says that providers who want to improve the patient experience must examine the full “journey…

A House bill that would allow wellness programs access to genetic data would limit precision medicine research that relies on voluntary participation.

Insurers have been mostly mum on the AHCA and its CBO score, a response that stands in stark contrast to providers' reactions.

Follow-up phone calls to help elderly patients with medication use and encourage additional appointments have little to no practical effect, new research says.

Healthcare providers, payers and two large healthcare associations want more federal funding to improve internet access that will support telehealth…

News that the government is expanding its Medicare pilot primary care program into the Greater Buffalo area of New York was welcomed with open arms.