Many doctors are nervous about prescribing medical marijuana. And it’s understandable. One key reason is the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved…

Robotics may help alleviate the nation's nursing shortage In fact, one study finds that robots could do as much as a fifth of nurses’ work.

The White House is pulling out all the stops to ensure 2017 open enrollment is a millennial-friendly experience.

One in three Americans is obese, but doctors are often ill-prepared to treat the growing number of fat patients.

With CMS and other payers providing coverage for transition surgeries for transgender patients, more hospitals are offering such procedures.

Physicians face a difficult decision when deciding whether to testify in a colleague’s malpractice suit.

Efforts to reduce preventable harms are a top priority for hospitals, and a joint hospital effort has prevented tens of thousands of harms nationwide.

Aetna hopes to prove that the healthcare system is spending “more than enough” on healthcare, but not spending that money where it should be, according to CEO…

It’s a good time to be a physician assistant, according to a new report from the national organization that represents them.