How much the average doctor makes can depend on which salary survey you look at, so use that data with caution when negotiating compensation.

After reporting slower-than-expected growth, athenahealth will cut 9% of its workforce to “make the company move faster," CEO Jonathan Bush said.

Intermountain Healthcare will overhaul its internal structure based on geographic administrative regions.

A physicians group offers a step-by-step guide to avoiding a penalty under MIPS, plus more news from around the web.

Nurses who are stretched thin can take steps to protect their well-being and the safety of their patients. 

Opioids are involved in more medication-related liability claims than any other type of drug, according to a new analysis.

Despite an increase in bilingual physicians in the U.S., there’s still a big gap between the languages that patients speak and those of their doctors.

Organizations rated highly by the firm Healthgrades fare better on mortality and complication rates for several common conditions.

UnitedHealth has filed a motion asking a federal judge to throw out a Medicare Advantage overpayment rule.