With a dearth of workers willing to take hard-to-fill jobs in healthcare, some organizations are hiring people with criminal backgrounds to fill those roles.

The high costs associated with testing have spurred a movement to reduce needless tests, but new research shows EHRs might not be the best vehicle.

Physician practices may want to periodically evaluate how well their payroll systems are working and decide whether in-house processing, outsourcing or a…

Health insurers’ financial performance in the individual market showed signs of improving in 2016, but they still face hefty challenges.

Prescription drug monitoring programs have been proven effective, but mandates can be a hard sell to time-strapped providers.

MDLive is facing allegations that the telehealth provider failed to maintain patient privacy by sharing screenshots of confidential medical information.

The bevy of risk corridor lawsuits brought by health insurers continue to wend their way through the courts, with a federal judge dismissing one such suit.

In order for value-based payment models to live up to their hype, they must generate more consistent benefits than they have so far.