A new report examines how the Affordable Care Act changed the healthcare regulatory landscape and how hospitals responded.

In an interview with Forbes, leading hospital CEOs discussed some of their strategies to better engage patients in their care.

It should not come as any big surprise that studies show that physicians make some of the best hospital leaders.

Potential barriers to improved patient health can emerge during experience groups that bring together patients with common health problems.

ORLANDO, Fla.—As providers take on greater financial risk, they're putting greater emphasis on care in between visits with the help of technology.

Technology could be a critical tool in helping providers engage patients by making medical information available and easily digestible.

The RISE Summit in Nashville has dedicated a whole track to payer-provider collaboration, examining groundbreaking care models, strategies and trends, as well…

Even with the uncertainty facing the industry, the outlook for U.S. health insurers is “stable with a downside bias."